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Ozone Enduro
Ozone Hyperlink
Duotone Dice
Duotone Rebel
Gul EVO 2 Helmet
Dakine C1 Harness
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  • North Mono
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  • F-One Bandit Sale
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All the latest kiteboarding and power kites from Duotone, Slingshot, Cabrinha, North, Flexifoil, Ozone, Hyperlite, Peter Lynn, Liquid Force, F-One, Crazy-Fly, Naish, Wainman, Nobile, Dakine, Mystic, PKD, Scrub, MBS, Six Six One, Forcefield, Stateside, Skywatch, Oceanus, Ronix, Dirtydog, Pro-Tec, Libre, Kitefix, GoPro, Flysurfer, HQ, Bern, Gath, ION, O'Neill, Trampa, Airush, CWB Connelly Wake, Eolo, Fatsand, Jobe, Juice, Shinn Kiteboarding >>

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Power Kiting Kites 4-Line Handles Control Bar Wind Meters Kite Killers

Power Kiting
4-Line Handles, Control Bars, Wind Meters, Kite Killers >>

Harness Seat Waist Harnesses Cabrinha Ocean Rodeo Spreader Bars Handle Pass Leashes Handlepass Strop

Waist/Seat harnesses, Spreader Bars, Handle Pass Leashes >>

Kitesurfing Gear Kiteboards Kiteboarding Footstraps Pads Reel Leash Safety Knives Heelstraps Helmets Fins DVD

Kitesurfing Gear
Reel Leashes, Footbeds, Heelstraps, Safety Knives, Helmets, Fins >>

Kite Buggy Buggies Bearings Bags Wheels Axles Splashguards Seats Wheels Tyres Bolts

Buggying Accessories
Bearings, Dry Bags, Footpegs, Axles, Splashguards >>

4-Line Handles Control Gear Straps 2-Line 4-Line Leash Safety KIte Killers Depower

Control Gear
4-Line Handles, Straps, Depower Control Bars, Safety Systems >>

Wetsuits Drysuits Rash Vests Impact Boots Shoes Kiteboarding Boardies Shorts Beanies Steamer Kiteboarding Kitesurfing

Wetsuits / Drysuits
Rash Vests, Impact Vests, Boots, Shoes, Kiteboarding Boardies >>

KIte Landboards Landboarding All-Terrain Boards Boarding Mountain Board Mountainboard Flexifoil Eolo Scrub Kheo Trampa Ground Industries MBS Dirtsurfer Wheels Tyres Hubs Trucks Decks Footstraps Bindings Bushes Footstraps

Landboarding Accessories
Footstraps, Bindings, Hubs, Trucks, Decks, Bushes, Wheels >>

Power Kiting Kites Clothing Hat Beanie T-Shirt Fleece Jumper Hoody Hooded Sweatshirt Shorts Gloves Pants Caps

Gloves, T-Shirts, Hats, Caps, Beanies, Shorts, Pants, Hoodys >>

Travel Board Bag Stuff Sacks Gear Boxes Wetsuit All-Terrain Board Landboard Mountainboard Landboard Rucksack

Travel Bags / Board Bags
Stuff Sacks, Gear Boxes, Wetsuit Bags, All-Terrain Board Bags >>

Flying Line Dyneema Dual Quad 2-Line 4-Line Repair 20m  25m 27m 30m 40m Ozone HQ Peter Lynn Flexifoil

Flying Lines
Dyneema Dual / Quad Line Sets, 20m, 25m, 27m, 30m, 40m >>

Media DVD Buggying Landboarding Power Kiting How-To Guide Training Kiteboarding Progression Books

Media / DVD's
Buggying, Landboarding, Kiteboarding >>

Safety Gear Helmets Knee Pads Elbow Armadillo 661 Six Six One Body Armour Crash Shorts Impact Vest Safety

Safety Gear
Helmets, Knee, Elbow Pads, Body Armour, Crash Shorts, Impact Vests >>

Eyewear Goggle Brunotti Dirty Dog Wetglass Wetglasses Floatable Buggy Landboarding Kiteboarding Kitesurfing

Eyewear / Goggles
Kiteboarding glasses for all types of power kiting activities >>

Kite Spares Power Kiting Buggying Landboarding Kiteboarding Kitesurfing

Power Kiting, Kiteboarding, Buggying, Landboarding >>

No Wind Fun Aerobies Windsocks Gliders Stomp Rockets Windmills Frisbees

No Wind / Fun
Aerobies, Windsocks, Gliders, Stomp Rockets, Windmills, Frisbees >>

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Powerkiteshop Power Kite Shop West Midlands UK Equipment Birmingham UK United Kingdom West Midlands Equipment Retailer Supplier

Powerkiteshop Power Kite Shop West Midlands UK Equipment Birmingham UK United Kingdom West Midlands Supplier Retailer EquipmentPowerkiteshop is situated in the heart of the Midlands!

Just 5 minutes from M5 Junction 2! >>

Open Monday-Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm >>

Powerkiteshop is a bricks and mortar shop where you can come and view the products you see on this website. If you are just not sure that what you see is exactly what you want - you can come to the shop and view the real thing before purchasing as well as getting all the information you need from our trained staff that all fly! >>

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The Latest News from the Power Kiting / Kiteboarding World! >>

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Photo Gallery
Fantastic snapshots of all power kiting activities! >>

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Instruction Manuals
Manuals for power kiting equipment - past and present >>

Weather Outlook Power Kite Shop Power Kiting BBC

Check out the latest weather forecasts from around the world! >>

Video Streaming Kite Kiteboarding Videos DVD's

Video Downloads
Check out the latest videos from Power Kite Shop >>

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Powerkiteshop Ordering FAQ

Ordering FAQ
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Price Promise
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For Sale / Ex-Demo Kit
Check out some of our Ebay exclusive offers and ex-demo kit! >>

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Customer Feedback
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Powerkiteshop on Facebook

Powerkiteshop on Facebook

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0% Interest Finance Option

0% Finance Option: Bundle together your
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monthly payments and start riding the latest kit now! >>

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FREE UK Delivery on all orders - tracked and insured service >>

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New Product Additions >>

Ozone Hyperlink Kite

Ozone Hyperlink : The Hyperlink can be ridden on the water, snow and land safely.>>

2. Ozone Chrono V3 >>

3. F-One Bandit >>

4. Duotone Rebel >>

5. Duotone Dice >>

6. Ozone Enduro V2 >>

Female Specific Section >>

Kite Girl Kit Harnesses Kiteboards Harnesses Wetsuits Shorts Bikinis

Kite Girl Kit:
A host of equipment focused specifically for female riders >>

Highlighted Special Offers >>

Kheo Kicker

Naish Dash: a Powerful performer for any core-kiter to unlock its strengths>>

Naish Pivot

HQ Rush: Used as part of your kite surf training on land >>

Entry Level/Beginner Kites >>

Entry Level / Beginner Power Kites

Get started into the world of Power Kiting from only £21.95! >>

2. Traction Kites >>

3. Depowerable Kites >>

4. Water Relaunchable Kites >>

Amazing Package Deals! >>
Package Deals

Grab these amazing package deals starting from just £295.00! >>

Special Offers / Ex-Demo >>

Entry Level / Beginner Power Kites

Check out our amazing special offers for a limited time only! >>

2. Ex-Demo Kit >>

3. Ebay Exclusive Offers! >>

Power Kite Essentials >>
2-Line 4-Line Control Bar Depower
1. 4-Line Power Kite / Kiteboarding Control Bars >>
2. Four Line Handles >>
3. Skywatch Windmeters >>
4. Wrist Leash Safety Systems
5. Harnesses >>

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