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Wainman Maniac C-Kite Water Relaunchable Kite >>

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI


Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI


Available as Wainman Maniac Complete with: 

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack.

Wainman Hawai Maniac Depower Power Kite Storage Bag

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite:
Kite complete with pre-stretched bridles.

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Flying Lines

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Depower Control Bar with safety system:
Depower control bar with safety system, power adjuster and chickenloop.

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Depower Control Bar with Safety System

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Pump:
Complete with aluminium shaft.

Wainman Kite Pump


Wainman Hawaii Maniac - £850.00 - £1130.00
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Availability: February 2014 - Pre Order Now

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The Wainman Maniac was initially conceptualized around the proven and classical C shaped kite design. Re-engineered and tested to absolute perfection by the mystical and passionate touch of Wainman's product designers has resulted in an unparalleled final product.


In a nutshell, the Maniac was designed to meet various necessary demands and to blend the unique spirit of the past together with the newest technical advantages using the latest computer aided design.


Just by looking at it, you can be certain that the Wainman Maniac is a dedicated C-kite and this will be what all experienced rider's will expect, but at the same time, it is designed with the understanding of designing modern shaped kites and based on the knowledge of their limits – this surpasses all the “imperfections” that riders might remember from the older C-kites.


This innovative combination of old school and new-school performance characteristics can be appreciated and respected by test riders globally, and considered by them as one of the most complete and soulful designs ever developed.


Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI


Performance: This mystical machine provides riders radical performance characteristics that is expected from a pure C shape: generating amazing pop, direct feel and control, unhooked performance with flawless slack, hooked in boosting and freeride spirit not to mention a great mega looper!


The Maniac kite is quick and reactive to the bar, yet very stable and predictable. The bar pressure is moderate and can be self-adjusted.


For a C-kite, it really has plenty of depower and most importantly it flies where it should in the window in order to provide the freestyle slack and also the hang-time boost!


The Maniac has superb re-launch characteristics by pulling one of steering lines when it is leading edge down in the water also.


Each Maniac size was designed and trimmed separately. There are differences in the profile, constructional tubes proportions, speed of turning and the amount of the pull on the bar in order to create the complete line of kites and avoid the surprise when switching to a different size.


On the stock settings, the Maniac operates on 4 lines only. There are 4 attachment points for the steering lines, in order to customize the speed of kites reaction to the bar and 3 attachment points for the front lines, that are there to adjust the feeling of the kite - combined by the amount of bar pressure, upwind performance, depower and radius and speed of kite`s turns.


Additionally there is an option for the 5th line attachment with the V line connector and aftermarket 5th line kit designed for the Maniac bar if preferred.


Wainman Hawaii Features:


  • Classic 5 strut C-kite with new school performance
  • Unparalleled freestyle/wakestyle performer
  • Unhooked performance with flawless slack
  • Hooked in booster and great mega looper
  • Single point inflation system "Vein Inflation System" (VIS) for rapid and easy inflation
  • 4 line setup with easy relaunch (optional “V-line” set to be ordered separately)
  • 3 trimming options on the front lines called the "Feeling Spectrum" which gives you options of aggressive vs. relaxed, upwind vs downwind, lower vs higher bar pressure, fast turning vs wider turns.
  • 4 attachment points for the back lines, that are there to adjust the kite`s reaction to the bar (Slow to Fast).
  • Maniac canopy consists of 22 main panels made from the highest quality Teijin fabric.
  • LE produced with unmatched Dimension Polyant heavy cloth.
  • 5 struts and the elbow tipped LE are attached together with round connections.
  • Double reinforced leading edge for increased durability
  • Lightweight and durable construction to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI


The Complete Package includes:


  • Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite
  • Wainman Bag
  • Large Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Wainman Maniac Flying Lines
  • Wainman Maniac 41.5cm, 45cm or 48cm Control Bar


Wainman Hawaii Maniac Video:

Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Kiteboarding Progression Beginner DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly water relaunchable kites using the Kiteboarding Progression DVD - click for info >>


Wainman Maniac Construction:

5-Strut Framework
Maniacs have a 5-strut Construction and that makes them really faste, more responsive, and very solid and powerful due to their high quality, heavy-cloth framework.
Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI

Fabrics and Stitching:
To be the best, Maniacs are built using only the highest quality fabrics. The canopy of the kite is made with very light and super durable rip-stop SPI cloth from Teijin, Japan – world undisputed leader in production of high performance rip-stop fabrics.


Framework construction panels, such as leading edge, struts and tips, are built with polyester heavy cloth made by Dimension Polyant, in Germany. No other material in the modern wind-industry is so durable, stiff and basically bulletproof, yet still very light and long-lasting.


Using only certified threads and master sewing techniques create very strong but flexible construction to survive the windiest gales and storms.

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI


Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI

To protect seams against hard contacts, Rabbits are equipped with multiple reinforcements at the leading edge and tips.

Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 2.0 2012 Kite Water Relaunchable LEI
Tow Points:
Attachment points on Maniacs are well engineered so when the strongest gusts hit the canopy, nothing will get damaged. With triple layer sandwich construction and extra strength polyester webbing, the rider can be sure the attachment points on the Maniac are very solid.
Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI

The struts are equipped with sensitive locking valves that will keep constant pressure inside of the strut bladders. For deflation, each valve has its deflating stick put inside of the valve for strut deflation. The Leading Edge is equipped with a locking valve for inflation and a big dump valve for fast kite packing.


Maniacs are designed to be inflated firmly which allows them to show their real nature.

Wainman Hawaii Maniac Kite Water Relaunchable LEI

Depower Control Bar

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new Wainman Hawaii Maniac Control Bar System. Rabbits are a powerful kite for their size, but their energy can be controlled very well and even shut down immediately when needed.


Wainman Hawaii Rabbit 2.0 Control Bar

Instant and quick depower is a great skill of this kite, and as soon as the rider lets go of the bar, the pull of the Maniac stops. Like all Maniacs, they should be used with the original Maniac Control Bar that was designed very precisely to match the characteristics of these kites.


Together, they work precisely and provide a very wide range of depower with no stopper balls or other complicated features. Pure simplicity that let’s you explore your limits with confidence.


Small: (41.5cm shaft) - 21m (19m+2m) line set + additional 2m extension = total 23m

Medium: (45cm shaft) - 23m (21m+2m) line set +additional 2m extension = total 25m

Large: (48cm shaft) - 25m (23+2m) line set + additional 2m extension = total 27m


Wainman Hawaii Maniac Control Bar Features:


  • Simple, safe, functional - based on the proven Carrot Bar design now with a thinner shaft diameter
  • New ergonomic comfortable grip
  • Thinner EVA grip to assure maximized handle efficiency
  • New stainless steel center piece to minimize tearing of depower section and increase durability of PU tube
  • Modern, minimalistic graphics on the grip to ensure longer service life
  • 100% depower upon flag out and convenient above the bar depower system
  • Multiple setup options to suite any riders preference - including safety, suicide, one release, double-depower and additional new option.
  • Wider/bigger chicken loop for easier hooking back while unhooked preferred riding
  • Stock 4 line setup with easy relaunch (optional “V-line” set to be ordered separately)
  • Pro "Handle Pass" Leash – longer in length than RG 2.0 leash
    Spare part set
  • Increased durability of depower line section by double slicing the line and tightening PU tube


Wainman Maniac Control Bar
Wainman Maniac Size
Control Bar Size
41.5cm Rabbit Control Bar
41.5cm Rabbit Control Bar
45.0cm Rabbit Control Bar
48.0cm Rabbit Control Bar
48.0cm Rabbit Control Bar

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ainman Maniac Depower Control Bar with Safety System

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