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  Wainman Hawaii Gambler Surfboard 2012 Kite Surf Board >>

Wainman Gambler Surfboard 2010 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman GamblerSurfboard 2011 Kiteboard TwintipWainman Gambler Surfboard 2011 Kiteboard TwintipWainman Gambler Surfboard 2010 Kiteboard TwintipWainman Gambler Surfboard 2010 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman Hawaii Gambler Surf 5'7" Wide Kiteboard:

Wainman Hawaii Gambler Surf 5'10" Wide Kiteboard:Wainman GamblerSurfboard 2010 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman Hawaii Surf Board Bag:Wainman Surfboard 2010 Kiteboard Twintip

All-Action Trailer for Wainman Hawaii Kite Surf Boards:

Wainman Hawaii Gambler 2012 Surf Board: £699.00
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Wainman Hawaii is proud to present another important series of boards, The Gambler 2012 Wide Surf Boards. With awesome graphics and top-of-the-line construction, some may be tempted to hang them on the wall. But, make no mistake; these boards were made to rip. We think you will find these boards to be the perfect recipe for fun, whether you are kickin it in the flats or taking on serious swells.


The Gambler 2012 is a totally new and very modern, progressive shape, referring to last year'sr Wide model, however it is light years ahead of it. This shape was designed for everyday fun in all conditions ridden 4-5 inches shorter than your average classic board. With less length and more width this board is made for progressive and more floaty radical surfing even when the waves are not that great.


Because of the 3D bottom shape, special channels in it and good amount of the rocker, this board is still very fast which means it is stable in higher speeds despite being apparently wider which is its advantage for the bottom end conditions both in the wave and wind aspect. This extra width gives this board quicker surf planing and catches more of the wave to surf it.


The Wainman Gambler provides the fun factor in smaller onshore waves, however in nice side-shore bigger waves, it rocks as well because of its smart rocker. This board is like 2 in one: it can make a session in a smaller shorter onshore wave a blast and it also can serve you well in a very big side shore waves with strong wind and high speeds – because of the generous amount of rocker.

The bottom shape goes from double under your front foot to single off the tail. And that makes turns really nice despite the wider width.

The Gambler 2012, is a very safe shape as it provides lots of fun in both: mushy conditions when its special dimensions help to squeeze out surf time and in the epic days when the great hydrodynamics and proportions don’t make you suffer that you have to ride a smaller wider board. As you can rip in those versatile conditions, you will go for it more often!


For sure a fun all-round board with lots of potential for flat waters as well.



Construction of this board is a medium weight, durable full custom epoxy construction with hi density Styrofoam core and PVC foam double sandwich shell. Only finest fibreglass is used for this lamination and all the weight in the board is its strength, without any putties or fillers. Boards are very strong but still light enough to have lots of fun strapless and quick to plane.


Fin Setup:

As the Gambler is intially made for kiting, this board comes with rear and front pads, bag and 5 fins, so you can ride it with 2 settings: Thruster or Quad.


Thruster will make the radius of the turns a bit longer and will hold in the turn better while the Quad setup will let you turn quicker, edge better, but on the huge waves might not hold to tight in long turns.


Totally new in the industry is the straps inserts that have a nice offset pre-positioned inserts so every rider can offset their stance according to their natural preference.


When the water starts to roll and become 3D, it is important to have the right tool. Wainman Hawaii Surf Boards are designed in style that will make you stand out on the water and with an attention to detail that will help you take your riding to the next level.


When the waves are not up, you can stilll use the power of the wind and ulitimate carving shape of this surf board to your advantage. Jibing, speeding, pointing upwind – it is all great fun and freeriding starts to take on a new meaning when one of these Surf Boards is between you and the water.


Strapless Fun:
Generally kitesurfers are used to having straps that attach you to the board. Well it is no longer that simple and obvious. Riding strapless is just unbelievable fun. Standing freely on the board that is moving very fast brings much more emotions to the whole aspect of riding. The challenge of just riding and cruising make it so different and challenging that everybody should try it. The carving feeling when everything relies on the riders position and balance is multiplied by 10. Pure fun.


When the wind is dead and the waters are moving and rolling, there is nothing better than just paddling those waves to surf them. You can use your Wainman Hawaii Surf board to do so and this will be a great experience.


Wainman Surfboard Sizing:

So that rider weight and varied conditions are covered there are different sizes of Surf Boards in the Wainman Hawaii line. You know your conditions best; but, in the spirit of keeping the drama out of choosing the right board, talk to those who are already riding or call us anytime.


Gambler Wide Surf Series:
This is the series of 2 boards that have wider proportions. These fat-bottomed boards are super stable in turns and will plane quickly as you catch the wave or stay the course within the wind gaps. You will be happiest when using these boards in slower waves or in gusty winds. This series is made of 3 sizes of boards.


Wainman Hawaii Gambler 5'7 x 20.5" Wide Surf Board:

Five-Seven is a great allround thruster board intended for medium sized riders. Its shape is very compact and balanced. This is a great board for use with straps whenever there are waves. Its slightly wider shape design helps to catch some slower waves and still surfs great in the real fast and big waves. This board is perfect for intermediate / medium sized riders.



Length: 5'7" (170cm)
Width: 20.5" (49cm)

Thickness: 2.2" (5cm)

Weight: 3.1kg


Wainman Hawaii Gambler 5'10 x 20.9" Wide Surf Board:

Five-Ten is a board for bigger riders or for lighter wind conditions. It can be riden real nice strapless and also can be used as a regular paddle surf board when the wind is absent but the water is rolling.

Its general size and especially it's width is not too big so it still can be used for ripping and snapping, but surely for kitesurfing, bigger and taller guys would appreciate it more. It can be also great board for all kitesurfing beginners, who are looking for their first surfing kiteboard with more stability.



Length: 5'10" (177cm)
Width: 20.
9" (50cm)

Thickness: 2.2" (5cm)

Weight: 3.3kg



  • Medium Weight Styrofoam core coated with multiple layers of devinicell foam and then laminated using custom, handcrafted technology
  • Can be used for use with or without a kite.
  • Equipped with multiple position strap inserts that allow you to mix and match strap positions to meet your needs

Wainman Hawaii Gambler Surf Board Complete with:

  • Wainman Hawaii Surf fins
  • Wainman Hawaii Symmetrical Fixed Straps
  • Wainman Hawaii EVA pads with ready-to-stick 3M adhesive
  • Wainman Hawaii Surf Board Bag

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Wainman Gambler Surfboard 2011 Kiteboard Twintip
Wainman Hawaii Gambler Surf Board - £699.00

Wainman Gambler 5'7 (Wide):


Wainman Gambler 5'10 (Wide):




Wainman Hawaii Passport Surf Board 2011 Kiteboard Specifications >


Wainman Hawaii Surf Board 2010 Kiteboard

Length (ft)
Width (inches)


Wainman Hawaii Passport Kite Surf Board Construction >


Custom Epoxy Construction:
Wainman Hawaii Surf Boards are produced with the most modern and advanced technology in the surfing industry. The super light Styrofoam core is coated with multiple layers of devinicell foam and then laminated using custom, handcrafted technology. Basically, the Wainman Hawaii Surf Boards will give you the attention to detail and high-end touches of a custom board for a production board price. We could have cut corners, but we like the stoke of riding too much to produce a sub-par board.


Wainman Hawaii Surf Boards are very light, yet strong enough to survive the overloads that occur everyday while surfing waves or riding in the slop. The lightweight construction allows for quick planing and superior overall response on the water.


Because Wainman use epoxy resin, the total stiffness of the board is increased. In Wainman's testing around the world, they found that stiffer boards plane much quicker and need less repairs.


Strap Mounting:
Each Wainman Hawaii Surf Board is equipped with multiple position strap inserts that allow you to mix and match strap positions to meet your needs.


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