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Wainman Blunt 2 II 2011 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman Blunt 2010 Kiteboard Twintip


Wainman Hawaii 2013 Blunt 125 x 39.0cm Kiteboard:Wainman Blunt 2011 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman Hawaii 2013 Blunt 130 x 40.5cm Kiteboard:Wainman Blunt 2011 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman Hawaii 2013 Blunt 135 x 41.5cm Kiteboard:Wainman Blunt 2011 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman Hawaii 2013 Blunt 137 x 43.5cm Kiteboard:Wainman Blunt 2011 Kiteboard Twintip


Wainman Hawaii 2013 Blunt Hardware:Wainman Blunt 2011 Kiteboard Twintip

Wainman Blunt 2011 Kiteboard Twintip



Wainman Hawaii Blunt 2 (II) 2013 Kiteboard: £555.00
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User Rating:


The Wainman Blunts are for the people, this board handles it all!


It's a board that can handle any condition that the rider may encounter, and adjust to any mood the rider is in and allows the power and huge potential given by the kite to be utilized properly. It does not matter what the conditions are when you show up, a Wainman Blunt always makes it a fun ride.


Soulful Freeriding:
Wainman Blunts are all about having fun. Go faster here, slow down there, jump this kicker, spray - carve that bay. Whatever the freerider wants to do this board will take it in it's stride. The board has got what it takes to be versatile, yet has no problem getting the riders adrenaline pumping.


Its greatest attribute is very fast acceleration that lets the rider reach high speeds amazingly quickly while the reduced drag allows you to enjoy those higher speeds without extra effort. This, along with the very light handling and advanced shape to avoid face spray, make riding on Blunts just a sweet experience.The way these boards go through the roughest chop is just unbelievable.


Upwind Performance:
Wainman Blunts are sharp, they cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. Thin rails and a full harmonically concave bottom ensure good upwind performance and make the whole board work like a hydrodynamic fin. Pointing towards the moving air is not achieved by the typical shortcut of flat rocker. Instead, all Blunts are blessed with a deep rocker that allows soft landings and total chop absorbtion. For the safety of the rider, those thin rails are filled with special elastic silicone resin that protects rider from cuts and bruises.


Direct Control:
Because of their unique light and thin construction, Blunt boards handle exceptionally well on the water. The drag of the boards is reduced to a minimum so the sensation of riding is really different from other twin tips. Thanks to the engineered balance and taper from the centre to the rails, the ratio between the length and width of Blunt boards could be widened. That makes the boards plane much quicker and edge better. This is done without any additional risk to the ankles, contrary to the usual result when widening traditional heavier boards. Reduced thickness of rails and centered weight bias take care of the physics. The wider board along with the close fitting Blunt Binding System result in direct control over the board and gives it instant edge response.


Jumping / Pop:
Jumping is the most fun for many freeriders and Blunt Boards will not disappoint. They give a real nice high! Their light construction and engineered flex make them want to fly by themselves as soon as the rider initiates the popping motion. Because of their jumping nature, progression is super fast, and all manoeuvres are perfected very quickly. Speed up, hold the edge and just pop the board.


Binding System:
In order to provide safe and complete control over the Blunts, these lively boards are equipped with very ergonomic, super adjustable and a well padded binding system. Designed from the ground up to complement the special features of the boards. The Blunt Binding System is made of super lightweight EVA pads thermoformed on full carbon plates and adjustable straps made with a memory foam and designed to fit all sizes of feet really well including female or younger riders, who may have smaller or thinner feet can ride stoked and have tight fitting and direct control over their board.


Each board has 2 sets of inserts, giving you the possibility to ride it with either narrower or wider stance, depending on the natural preference and body proportions of each single rider.


Finless System:
The preferred way of riding boards, especially Blunts, for many advanced riders is finless. This indeed, is a different dimension of riding. Try it and enjoy this unique skill of Blunts. Just remove your fins and stick some surf wax in the holes so the water doesn’t spray you in the eye, and go deeper.


Wainman Blunt Sizing:

Naturally Blunts are made proportionally for different sizes of riders. This, along with the average wind conditions that you normally experience should be your main factors in choosing your size. As Blunt boards are quite different from other boards, please don’t automatically try to copy the size that you have ridden before.


Wainman Hawaii Blunt 125 x 39.0cm Kiteboard:
One-Twenty-Five is the smallest of Blunts and it is made for the lighter rider. It is also a great toy for the advanced medium sized boarders who need to have a special weapon for stronger winds. In moderate wind conditions One-Twenty it is the ideal board for kite-girls and kids.


Length: 125cm
Width: 39.0cm


Weight Range:
Moderate winds (4-6 B): 45–60 kg = 100-135 lbs
Strong Winds (6-8 B): 55–75 kb = 120-165 lbs


Wainman Hawaii Blunt 130 x 40.5cm Kiteboard:
One-Thirty is the all-around must for all medium sized riders. Because of its optimal proportions featuring slightly increased width it has a good low end while still handling great in the stronger winds. Naturally on moderate days it is rocking the best for those medium riders!


Length: 130cm
Width: 40.5cm


Weight Range:
Moderate winds (4-6 B): 60–75 kg = 130-165 lbs
Strong Winds (6-8 B): 70–90 kg = 155-200 lbs


Wainman Hawaii Blunt 135 x 41.5cm Kiteboard:

One-Thirty-Five should be the all around weapon of choice for all heavier riders. Because of the sweet balance of the dimensions this size of Blunt guarantees a great range for bigger riders who will be covered all the way from the barely powered breezes to the full powered winds.


Length: 135cm
Width: 41.5cm


Weight Range:
Moderate winds (4-6 B): 70–95 kg = 155–210 lbs
Strong Winds (6-8 B): 85kg and up = 190 lbs


Wainman Hawaii Blunt 137 x 43.5cm Kiteboard:

One-Thirty-Seven is a light wind version of Blunt. With even more increased width than 130 and 135 and a much bigger total surface, it is a great toy for those underpowered days. It is a great board for fresh kiteboarders who need something more stable for their freeriding initiations.


Length: 137cm
Width: 43.5cm


Weight Range:
Light winds (3-5 B): 60-95 kg = 135-210 lbs
Moderate winds (4-6 B): 95 kg and up = 210 lbs and up




  • 2 sets of inserts for narrow or wider stance
  • Construction core combination of ultralight Airex foam, high quality prelaminated wood centre core, amongst carbon and fiberglass multiple layers
  • Each board is laminated manually, layer after layer, in super clean factory conditions
  • Because of the combination of materials used, precise lamination process, and precisely designed number of layers, each Blunt Board has the right balance between flexibility, stiffness and strength.
  • The rails of the Blunt boards are made with a special elastic silicone resin that absorbes any impact of the board in case it touches the rider. It also increases the endurance of the board by not limiting the engineered flex of the board, which is the case while using stiffer material such as ABS.


Wainman Hawaii Blunt Complete with:


  • Wainman Blunt Fins
  • Wainman Blunt Footpads and Footstraps
  • Wainman Blunt Grab Handle
  • Wainman Blunt Board Bag

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Wainman Blunt 2011 Kiteboard Twintip
Wainman Hawaii Blunt 2 (II) - £555.00

Wainman Blunt 125 x 39.0cm:


Wainman Blunt 130 x 40.5cm:


Wainman Blunt 135 x 41.5cm:


Wainman Blunt 137 x 43.5cm:




Wainman Hawaii Blunt 2013 Kiteboard Specifications >


Wainman Hawaii Blunt 2013 Kiteboard

Length (cm)
Width (cm)


Wainman Hawaii Blunt 2013 Kiteboard Construction >


Wainman Blunts are manufactured in Europe, and made in the old European style of mixing good materials together. The core of the Blunt is a combination of ultralight Airex foam, high quality prelaminated wood centre core with carbon and fibreglass multiple layers.


Parts for each single board are cut and shaped by the CNC machines. They are laminated together and every board is fully handcrafted by factory professionals.


Lamination Process:
To provide maximum strength and durability and keep the total weight very low, the lamination process needs to be very precise. Each board is laminated manually, layer after layer, in super clean factory conditions. To achieve the best characteristics of the laminate, Wainman are using only the most advanced epoxy resins with slow hardeners which provide the most elastic durability of the laminated coats. The long drying process of each board takes place in the special vacuum sealed 3D mold.


Blunt Boards have the right balance between flexibility, stiffness and strength. The interrelation between these factors has a very big influence on the general feel of the board and how it forgives when overpowered or how it acts when underpowered. With it's upwind ability and how it turns, along with its general durability against impacts and forces, the Blunt board appears to have all issues figured out.


To achieve extra lengthwise strength in our boards, Wainman have looked towards science and technology. Instead of overbuilding boards and making them like heavy snowboards, they gave them a special sidecut profile - the full concave shape all the way down the boards length. This, by the nature of physics adds superior strength to the boards without the need to over laminate them with heavy extra glass layers. That is why Blunt boards can be light yet strong at the same time.


The rails of the Blunt boards are made with a special elastic silicone resin, that absorbs any impact of the board in case it touches the rider. It also increases the endurance of the board by not limiting the engineered flex of the board, which is the case when using stiffer material such as ABS.


An amazing board! B >>


Gusty 12-18kts, quite choppy, small side-on waves. Kite: low-end of a 9m.


Me: very rusty intermediate. 66kg. I had a blast riding this board, it's just really fun! Super comfortable ride - the rocker and concave just soak it all up. No spray in the face or up the wetsuit ankle. No worries about catching edges at full tilt in chop, or after sketchy landings.


Carves and pop are smooth, balanced and positive, really confidence-boosting. The fins aren't too big like on most boards I've tried. Even so, I can't wait to try it finless! Stayed pretty much upwind even when fairly underpowered - I think I'd feel overboarded on the next size up when the kite was properly powered.


It would be a good board for learning as well. It's certainly an amazing board for improving and freeriding and probably a great board for experts as well.


I honestly can't think of much negative right now. For me though, it all felt *right*!

Do it and you won't be disappointed! Colin Phillips >>


If you owned the original Wainman Blunt and thought this was a good board, wait till you try the Wainman Blunt II!

It grips as well as the original but it's easier to get the power down with less concave on the board. The power and the drive comes in fast and the board has a more skatey feel enabling you to throw the board around.


What gets me is how quiet the board is through the water and no spray whatsoever! It holds loads of power (even in 50mph winds) and does it with ease. Fast acceleration and forgiving on the landings.


I submarined the board a few times (pilot error) but stomping on the back of the board pops it to the surface unlike my previous boards which seemed to wallow under the water.


Overall, if you are thinking about upgrading from a Wainman or any other board - do it and you wont be disappointed!

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