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Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board >>Trampa Skate Style Board

Trampa Skate Style Board

Trampa Skate Style Board


Trampa Skate Style Board

Trampa Skate Style Board

Trampa Skate Style Board

Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board: £275.00
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The Trampa scrub skate is by far the strongest / lightest setup on the market. Weighing in at honest 5.8kgs as a standard model it is barely matched by the rivals in performance, weight and durability, and a true world series winner!


Excellent for riders who are young or small or those who like to have super light weight set-ups for freestyle or kiting.


The trucks have re-enforced hollow axels and use a simple skate style 14mm kingpin tensioner, mounted on rubber, to adjust the tension of the steering. Heavier riders should expect to bend or sometimes break these trucks after some time, but being 1 kilo lighter in weight than most other trucks, they are excellent value alround.


Shown here wearing Trampa super strong 4 and a half inch, 5 spoke hypa hubs and Primo's 8 inch super light-weight 2 ply alpha tyre with the smartest tyre tread to date!


This model also wears trampa's own double stitched velcro footstraps, fitted throughout with marine grade stainless steel fixings for durabillity, quality and assurance.


Trampa Deck:
TRAMPA™ decks are made from a re-enforced glass and plastic thermo composite, which was originally developed for light-weight millitary purposes, giving superior strength to weight ratios. It is able to with stand huge impacts or forces and flex's like most other materials can't.


It is specially formulated, and presented in a workable matter in a thread like format, just like cotton. From there, Trampa weave the thread to their desired width, and place it onto a roll. Polished and pre shaped alluminium moulds are used to give the material the dimensions we require.


By varying the layer quantity used, Trampa are able to control the amount of flex and pop in the deck, allowing us to custom make the deck for the customers height, weight, style, rider type and riders abillity.


Water and a very fine sand are used to cut out the decks individually from the mould. The water is pressured at 60,000 Psi. (enough pressure to cut through 9 inch titanium!)


Trampa Skate Truck:
The TRAMPA SKATE style trucks come as standard with re-enforced 10mm steel hollow axle which travels the complete width of the 39cm hanger (15 and 1/2 inches). Believe it or not but hollow Axles are stronger than solid whilst reducing the bulk of the weight, making this the lightest mountain and kite board steering system on the market.


The TRAMPA SKATE base plate has been selected from an existing factory mold and modified for improvement, then stamped with the TRAMPA logo to show a sign of top quality.


For all those top riders out there who insist on their trucks to be super tight, TRAMPA have resolved the issues riders have faced when they come to tighten their trucks and find their kingpin keeps spinning. The TRAMPA base plate holds the kingpin in the correct position allowing the rider to tighten their trucks to their exact steering requirements.


TRAMPA have also designed a special bearing conversion spacer which is perfect in converting the standard 12mm bearings to fit to the 10mm hollow axle. This bearing conversion spacer also acts as the perfect speed washer allowing the hub to fit snug on the axel, giving the wheel the perfect spinning position.


Including the axel nuts and washers, the truck weighs 525 grams each, 1.05Kg per pair. Super light!


Its basically a skate board truck which has been beefed up to give extra strength on the rough terrain. Its also given extended axle's which give the perfect amount of stability for most sized riders.

This is the lightest truck system on the market. Due to its lightness its over all strength is not as good as other truck systems so this truck is more suitable for lighter weight riders, especially kids, teenagers and ladies.


However many adult sized male kiteboard riders choose to ride these trucks simply because they are 1kg lighter than any other on the market, the fact that they may bend or even break under seriously heavy usage or over time bears no odds to them.

Trampa Velcro Bindings:
Soft and comfortable binding that hugs around the foot but also allows you to remove your feet in a hurry if you need to.


The bindings attach to the board with metal 2 bolt mounting system which keeps the bindings in place, it also makes them more adjustable.


Trampa Hypa Hubs:
Introducing the lightest strongest hub on the market, TRAMPA's new HYPA hub.
Created for those who insist on only fitting the lightest of equipment to their boards, this beautiful and technically designed 6 spoke hub, performed beyond all expectations during testing and is now ready for the masses to purchase.


Containing just 15% glass fibre and made from the finest DUPONT nylon materials, the natural matt surface finish of the original HYPA hub is striking to the eye and the obvious choice for the weight conscious rider!


Constructed using only the finest fixings available. All TRAMPA parts including these hubs are constructed using Marine grade Stainless steel which has been brushed with Blue bolt paste to ensure the strongest of fixings. All nuts used also have a Nylock sleeve to ensure double quality and secure fixing!


Primo Alpha Tyres:
The Primo Alpha tire is an excellent performer. Being made from 2ply of material and having a relatively soft grip compound these tires are suitable for all use.


The tread on the Alpha tire is quite wide compared to other brands but still has a joining tread around the centre of the tire to allow for high top end speeds.


Trampa Specifications:

Approximate Weight: 5.8kg
Deck Length: 89.8cm

Deck Width: 22.8cm

Tyres: 8 Inch
Level: Beginner - Pro




  • Trampa skate Truck x2 (Width 15") - 1040g
  • Trampa Hypa hub with 8 inch primo Alpha tyre (hub, tyre, tube and bearing assembled) x4 - 2120g
  • Trampa velcro bindings x2 - 460g
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts used - 120g
  • Total Component Weight - Plus The Weight Of Your Chosen Deck: 3740g


  • Deck length - 898mm short deck
  • Deck width - 228mm
  • Riser height - 25mm
  • Riser angle (a) - 15°
  • Wheel diameter (Ø) - 8 inch
  • Truck width (W) - 15.5 inch
  • Truck drill pattern - Skate Truck
  • Binding drill pattern - standard freeflex 6.5 inch apart


Scrub All-Terrain Mountainboard Landboard BearingsScrub All-Terrain / Mountainboard / Landboard Bearings:

Stainless steel / sealed bearings supplied with all Scrub Landboards


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Scrub Skate Style TruckScrub Skate Style Truck:

Lightweight, skate key adjustment dials the truck suspension to exact tension.

Suitable to fit most skate style truck boards.

For more information on this accessory - click here >>



Primo Alpha TyresPrimo Alpha Tyres:

Weighing in at 220 grammes each - this tyre has a wide round profile tyre with open tread pattern and central ridge. Max 50 p.s.i.

When inflated the central ridge allows for high speed on hard surfaces.

As the ground softens, the tyre digs in and the side grips come into effect.

For more information on this accessory - click here >>



Scrub All-Terran Landboard Mountainboard BagScrub All-Terrain Board Bag:

The Scrub Board Bag is a great addition to any boarder whatever board you ride. It is a top quality padded back that opens one side right off to allow the board to fit in easily.

For more information on this accessory - click here >>


Great freestyle board! James McCall

This is a great freestyle board - it absorbs the jumps, has plenty of pop and the thinner style footstraps allow me to get my feet back in after performing a board-off or foot-out!


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Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board
Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board with Blue Velcro Bindings and Blue Tyres
12ply - 44-57kg (7-9Stone):
13ply - 57-69kg (9-11Stone):
14ply - 69-82kg (11-13Stone):
15ply - 82-107kg (13-17Stone):
Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board
Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board with Red Velcro Bindings and Black Tyres
12ply - 31-57kg (5-9Stone):
13ply - 44-63kg (7-10Stone):
14ply - 57-76kg (9-12Stone):
15ply - 70-90kg (11-14Stone):
Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board
Trampa Skate Style All-Terrain Board with Red Velcro Bindings and Red Tyres
12ply - 31-57kg (5-9Stone):
13ply - 44-63kg (7-10Stone):
14ply - 57-76kg (9-12Stone):
15ply - 70-90kg (11-14Stone):


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