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Crazy-Fly Pro Tour Model Kiteboard


Crazy-Fly Pro Tour 2013 Model Kitesurf Board: £559.00
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The CrazyFly Pro Tour 2013 Model was created for those who beg to feel what it takes to land those new school moves or let the kite load till their legs begin to quiver. Its time to take a ride on a board that brings out your pro side!


The Pro Tour is the freestyle machine in CrazyFly’s range. Every detail on this board is developed and designed with freestyle and aggressive riding in mind. Innovative materials of the highest quality are employed - such as carbon and Kevlar - and our focus is on perfectionism.


This year the Pro Tour sees extra reinforcement with Kevlar, a high strength/ low weight composite material used extensively in the military and space industries.

The Pro Tour is a stiffer board with explosive pop, so that you can really commit and load it for new school freestyle tricks and nail them with ease and style. It offers wide stance options to provide extra stability in difficult landings, and the unique design of the Pro Comp Pads and Straps provides maximum lock in. Complementing the package, Razor fins - with ultra thin profile - enhance speed and ensure early planing.

The Crazy-Fly Pro Tour Model combines the shaping and construction to withstand the demands of a pro rider, yet give the light feel as though there's nothing but air under your feet.


Tuning the “good stuff” up even more with the wider stance option, which pro freestyle riders enjoy so much and enabling the rider to adjust the stance angle in a few seconds.


CrazyFly new super lightweight dual density pads conceptualize the next level of comfort, and prevent your knees from pain even after landing the highest jumps. Special tail outline developed to allow the rider to load up and edge when performing difficult jumps and tricks.


Progressive flex tips and new shock absorbing system provide the softest landings and ease the ride ability in choppy waters. CrazyFly’s hand fine finished 3-Dimensional ABS rails and concaved bottom are the reasons for aggressive carving in sharp turns and speed on the straight-aways.


CrazyFly’s 2013 Pro Tour Model comes with Quick Fix strap system and G 10 design matching Razor fins.


Slightly modified lay-up from the Raptor Pro, this board provides that next step of load to pop transition needed to rocket you into the air by direct board to tip loading. The slightly straighter outline brings the rail under control in high kite loading situations on an upwind line. The lower centre rocker gives the rider that no drag feel at high speeds.


Brand new tail outline allows the rider to load up an edge when performing jumps which other pro riders have been enjoying very much. This board has great pop and makes the landings so soft. CNC shaped and hand fine finished 3Dimensional ABS rails in combination with carbon layers create a torsion box, with high torsional stiffness.


This is the board of choice for riders demanding the most from their equipment and aiming to push kiteboarding to the limit.

The boards are designed with a small concave which results in more grip, in combination with the asymmetrical G-10 fins giving more stability in the water resulting in easy upwind riding with user-friendliness.


The Crazy-Fly Pro Tour Model is built with Wood Tech Core II inside and using Nano Fiber Carbon Technology. The board also has an improved rocker line for reaching earlier planing, maximum speed and perfect upwind cutting of water.


It is very flexible but still aggressive enough. The New Shock Absorbing System offers a smooth and cool ride and you will be surprised with its unique flex and pop in performance riding guaranteed by Crazy-Fly's exclusive wood construction system with 4 axis composite. The Concave shaped bottom increases directional stability and offers top carving abilities.

Given Pro Tour Riders high energy style of riding, throwing the latest in kite-loop handle pass moves is all about having the right board!


Available in 3 Lengths:

133cm x 41cm (2.4kg)

136cm x 41cm (2.5kg)
139cm x 41cm (2.6kg)


Full Carbon Outer Layer
Wood Tech Core
3D ABS Rails
3D Board Pads
G-10 Fins
Adjustable Asymmetric Footstraps



Flex - Very Stiff

Footstraps - Quickfix

Pads - Procontour C

Fins - G10 - 5cm

Core - Wood Tech II

Construction: Nano Carbon

Bottom Shape: Concave

Scoop Rocker: Speed

Riding Style: Freestyle


Wind Range: 8 - 35 knots


**Price include footstraps and fins**

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Crazy-Fly Pro Tour Model Kiteboard
Crazy-Fly Pro Tour Model Kiteboard

133 x 41:
136 x 41:
139 x 41:



133cm x 41cm (2.4kg)

136cm x 41cm (2.5kg)
139cm x 41cm (2.6kg)


Full Carbon Outer Layer
Wood Tech Core
3D ABS Rails
3D Board Pads
G-10 Fins
Adjustable Asymmetric Footstraps


Wind Range: 8 - 35 knots


Comes Complete with: 

Nanofibre Carbon
Strong flex and twist.
The result of Crazy-Fly's tight intensive research and tests with developments from carbon industry is Nano Fiber Carbon Technology exclusively used in the production process of CrazyFly kiteboards. What makes this system so unique is the higher tensile modulus and faster dynamic response, makes the flex of the boards so attractive and the pop so amazing.


Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Pro Kite Surf Board

Wood Tech Core II
The heart of kiteboard is its core.
The core of the board must be light, flexible and firm. It is very difficult to make a good core by using just one core material. What makes Crazy-Fly's board so unique is its combination of light and stiff materials used to produce a suitable core. Wood is a natural material with excellent mechanical properties. For production of 2010 boards Crazy-Fly have carefully chosen the best-fix kind of wood. The fibres of the wood selected for new system are continuous from one tip to other one.


Crazy-Fly have proven all the features of their successful system, and improved each of them. The best solution for kiteboard core on the market.


Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Pro Kite Surf Board
Tail Outline Shape
After years of testing, CrazyFly’s designers decided to use the new tail outline on the boards. This new feature allows the rider to load up an edge when performing jumps, leading to more hang (air) time and better tricks.
Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Kite Surf Board
Special 3D effect colour
This new technology in the color industry caught the attention of CrazyFly’s designers. 3D special effect color changes shades from green to red, depending on the angle of the sunrays. This color makes the board eye catching and fashionable.
Crazy-Fly Raptor Pro 2008 08 Kite Surf Board
UV stable top sheet foils
Co-operation with the world leader in top sheet industry allows Crazy-Fly to use the latest worldwide developments for the production of our kiteboards. By using the best solutions in our production process we have consistency in high quality and tremendous performance, even under extreme stress situations on the sporting equipment. The new UV stabile top sheet foil maintains its original colors even after hot tropical sunrays heat up the board. CrazyFly's topsheets have excellent gliding ability, and maintain its cool look.

Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Kite Surf Board
3D ABS Rails
3D ABS rails, perfectly shaped for perfect feeling. ABS is a high strength, very durable thermo-plastic material. The adherent bonding with upper and lower reinforcement carbon materials creates a torsion box, with high torsional stiffness. CNC shaped and hand fine finished rails can be found on all of Crazy-Fly boards. Bright colours help you to find your board in the water.
Crazy-Fly Rock Chatwell Pro Kite Surf Board

Stance Angle Indicator / Adjustable Pads

The position of inserts on the board to assemble in footpads offers stance width options. The new Stance Angle Adjustable Pads enable the rider to adjust the stance angle, to fit your personal preference, in a few seconds. Wider stance boosts the dynamics of the ride, and stability when landing jumps.

Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Kite Surf Board
Lightweight dual density EVA pads
To save knees from pain and to keep the board light CrazyFly developed super lightweight dual density pads. Fusing the board with the rider’s feet ensures the best control over the board. Providing comfort for knees the pads are a bit softer under heel. Even after jumping time and time again, putting a lot of pressure on the pad, it returns to its original shape. Also these pads are very durable and maintain the original shape for a long time. Improved toe step and heel locker help a lot to keep feet in the right place, and also the top texture of the pads has great grip.
Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Kite Surf Board

G-10 Fins
The fastest and strongest fins. G10 is a legend. You can not find something better in fins production. Excellent strength, stiffnes and durability. The profile of our fins is still radically thin with minimum hydrodynamic resistance. The 2010 line of fins is characterized by nice colors – it helps you to catch sight your board when it is lost.


Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Kite Surf Board

Progressive flex tips II

It is very complicated to make a mathematic simulator of flex which would be accepted by top riders. We have chosen the other way: to make an analytic search of human feelings of our riders and test riders. We improved our successful progressive flex tips on the boards for the year 2010. It is accomplished by allowing more flex on the tips only and making the central area of the board even stiffer.

Shock absorbing system

After a couple hours of riding in choppy water your knees are tired and hurt. Newly developed Shock Absorbing System damps the shocks from water and vibration of board during performance riding. The unique smooth feeling of riding is guaranteed with cooperation of our Shock Absorbing System and Progressive flex II control system. Both together, they make the CrazyFly board amazingly collected. Now you can ride while the sun is up in the sky.

Quick Fix strap system
With our Quick fix strap system you just need a couple seconds to mount it on the board. Easy and simple, but the result is charming. The straps always stay in their position. In combination with our lightweight dual desity EVA pro pads you are able to change the position and angle of pads very easy and fast.

Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Kite Surf Board

Concave Bottom

Crazy-Fly simply believe in the concave bottom shape. This is one of the main characteristic features on their boards. The board is stable in carves, easy to switch, and marvelously smooth to control. It works ingenious during landing and helps you to come out of all possible troubles.

Crazy-Fly Rocky Chatwell Kite Surf Board


Rules! Mark Chalke

If you are kiteboarding and pulling off some sick stuff in the air - then this board is going to get you even higher. Small kite and small board is how I ride - so when the wind is kicking and the waves are huge I am out on this baby!


It is so good for big airs, holding lot of power and stomping out a big potential wipeout. I have been in situations getting ready for a big smash only to find this board absorbing the 'slap' and suddenly riding it out with a huge smile on my face!


The footstraps/bindings are super comfy and the fins really cut in!

I am not giving mine to anyone!


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