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Slingshot Rev 2 (2009) Water Relaunchable SLE Kite >>

Slingshot Rev 2 09 2009 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

One Pump:
One Pump is the leading inflation system available in the market today. Slingshot's integrated single-point valve inflation system allows you to inflate your entire kite in 1 step, using 1 valve, with no pinching of the valves. One Pump comes standard on all 2005 Slingshot inflatable kites.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

New Power Steering Dug-Out:
Reduces bar pressure and makes steering effortless

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

28 Piece Segemented Leading Edge:
Increased “hoop” strength offering the rider more stability in flight.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Dacron Leading Edge:
Unmatched durability on the most high-impact area
of the kite.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Inside Flat Seams:
Prevents wear from the leading edge seam to the canopy material.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Strut Type Tail Pipers:
Easier bladder removal and installation.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

New 2009 Direct Drive 4-Line Safety Bar:
100% de-power without letting go of the bar.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

New Active Stopper Ball:
On-the-fly adjustment and customization of chicken loop throw while reducing/eliminating the constant bar pressure
associated with sheeting in.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

New Lock-N-Load Chicken Loop:
Safe and immediate 'no load' release in any situation.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

40mm-60mm Seam Overlay:
Prevents kite from jelly-fishing.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Pump Leash Attachment:
Easier bladder removal and installation.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Mark Cloth Rip-Stop LE:
Reduces repair costs. Mark cloth prevents tears from travelling to the leading edge.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Slingshot Rev 2 (09) Kite Backpack:
The most technically advanced kite bag on the market.

Slingshot Rev 08 2008 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Slingshot CSS (Central Safety System):

Slingshot Rev 2 (09): £779.00 - £999.00
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Availability: 2-3 Days

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Suitable For:
Suitable for Kite Buggying
Suitable for Kite Landboarding
Suitable for Snow Kiting
Suitable for Snow Kiting

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The NEW Slingshot REV 2 (2009) is the answer for every kiter looking for the performance requirements of a traditional "C" shape kite but more of the depower and range of a dedicated bow kite.


The Slingshot REV 2 (09) is a 4 line hybrid kite that has a unique compact bridle and comes complete with the NEW Directdrive 2009 control bar.


The NEW 2009 Directdrive control bar eliminates the use of pulleys on the bar and features the NEW patent pending Center Safety System (CSS) which has a new 2009 soft grip and slightly larger diameter to stop forearm fatigue and brings 100% depower safety and convenience below the bar. Slingshot is the only brand to offer complete safety in a 4 line package for added benefit.


So whether you are smacking waves all day long in the surf or a flat water freerider looking for a Fuel-like feel with depower, look no further than the Slingshot REV 09!


New Features on the Slingshot Rev 09 include:


Surf Proof Seams:

Surf Proof seams makes the kite stronger and more durable. When the kite is dropped in the surf or the shore dump it will withstand the punishment. The seams really tighten up the canopy, which lead to better flying characteristic's, holds its shape better in high gusty winds, and prevents blowouts when dropped in heavy surf.


Bar Pressure Adjustment Tabs:
You can adjust the rear line pigtails (3 options) so that you can ADD bar pressure. If you’re coming from a C-shape kite you will know all about bar pressure and how important it is to be able to feel where the kite is in the sky without having to look at it all the time. The bar pressure adjustment tabs will also help beginners as they will be able to feel where the kite is when in the air. Unlike some brands where the bar is super light and you have to keep an eye on the kite at all times.


2009 Direct Drive 4-Line Safety Control Bar:
The Slingshot Rev 09 has a new bar, with a softer grip and the diameter of the hole has been increased. This will reduce chicken rope wear considerably. The softer grip will stop forearm fatigue caused by long sessions on the water giving you a better grip for when you are carrying out unhooked tricks.



  • Increased overall range: great low end in light winds yet super stable in high winds
  • Easiest relaunch: suitable even for the novice rider
  • Slingshot patented Onepump: the industry's original, proven and patented single point inflation system
  • NEW patent pending Center Safety System: 100% depower safety and convenience below the bar
  • Customisable bar pressure
  • Dedicated bow depower / "C" kite performance and feel
  • NEW 2009 Directdrive control bar: direct feel, speed and responsiveness
  • Compact bridle: in flight stability and eliminates risk of tangle
  • Ride unhooked with full depower: most useful for wave riding
  • Fuel-like pull and grunt
  • Surf-tough seams reducing overall wear and tear
  • Mark cloth scuff guards
  • Massive boost: jump higher and float longer than ever before
  • Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality
  • 4 Line simplicity


  • Slingshot REV 2 (2009) Kite
  • 4 Line 2009 Direct Drive Control Bar (Active Stopper Ball Equipped)
  • 23 meter firewire 800lb line set
  • Newly redesigned kite backpack
  • Jenna J double pump
  • Bladder repair kit
  • User manual
  • Product registration card
  • Slingshot's commitment to unsurpassed customer service

    Sizes available: 5m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m and 15m.

Slingshot 2 (09) Rev Kiteboarding Technical Features:


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Slingshot Rev 2 09 2009 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable
Slingshot Rev 2 (2009) - Complete

Wind Range

Slingshot Rev 2 09 2009 Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable

Depower Control Bar

Slingshot REV 2009 Direct Drive 4-Line Safety Depower Control Bar: Slingshot REV 2009 Direct Drive Safey Depower Control Bar

The NEW Directdrive 4 Line safety bar is designed for freeride kiteboarders looking for a safe, simple and comfortable control bar.


Designed for the Crossover rider who looks for versatility, uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a 4 line configuration.


The Slingshot Directdrive 2009 Control Bar comes stocked with Slingshot award winning technology innovations such as Centre Safety System and Active Stopper Ball making it ideal for riders who want safety and convenience. The clean and uncluttered 4-line configuration of the Directdrive bar also allows for easy and speedy set up.

Characteristics such as reduced bar pressure and predictable turning make this the ideal bar for flat style kites.

Slingshot 2009 Direct Drive Safety Bar package comes complete with:

• NEW De-power cleat – TRIM cleat is located below the bar close to the rider for easy adjustment
• Integrated depower and safety system
• Carbon Control Bar
• Power Steering Dug Out
• Quick Release Surefire Bungee
• 23m 800lb Firewire Lines
• Spectra Sure Grip Leader Lines
• Lock-n-Load Chicken Loop
• Internal sealed ball bearing swivel
• Adjustable chicken loop length
• Adjustable Stopper Ball

• Flex Bar Ends
• Bar Floats
• Removable Chicken Bone
• Slingshot’s commitment to unsurpassed customer service

Size 20”

FEATURES AND BENEFITS - 2009 Slingshot Direct Drive Safety Bar


• NEW Power Steering Dug Out – reduces bar pressure and makes steering effortless.
• NEW Quick Release Surefire Bungee - attaches to your harness.
• NEW Lock-n-Load Chicken Loop - safe and immediate ‘no load’ release in any situation.
• Internal sealed ball-bearing swivel - reduce flying line twists
• New customizable chicken loop - lets riders determine their own chicken loop length.
• Adjustable Stopper Ball – on-the-fly adjustment for customization of chicken loop throw.
• Adjustable Depower - traditional depower off the front flying lines.
• Redundant chicken loop lines - provides two options in depowering the kite for absolute safety.

• Fewer lines to negotiate.
• 100% de-power and safety and
convenience below the bar.
• On the fly adjustment of the chicken loop throw.
• Stronger, durable and more responsive.
• 2 emergency handles for instant depower
• Easy and comfortable handling.
• Line winders and hand protectors.
• Bomber proof quality.

The Slingshot 2009 Directdrive bar, meets the needs of the Crossover rider who values uncompromising safety, performance and convenience in a tailored 4 line configuration.


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