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Ozone Frenzy 2017 V10 / Frenzy Ultralite Depower Kite >>Ozone Frenzy 2017 Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Ozone Frenzy 2017 Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Ozone Frenzy 2017 Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Ozone Frenzy 2017 Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Ozone Frenzy 2015 Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Available as Kite Only (with compressor bag) or complete with: 

Ozone Frenzy / Frenzy Ultralite Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack.

Ozone Frenzy 2013 Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting Kite Storage Bag

Ozone Frenzy / Frenzy Ultralite Kite:
Kite complete with pre-stretched bridles.

Ozone Frenzy / Frenzy Ultralite 2013 Power Kite

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Ozone Frenzy Dyneema Flying Lines

Ozone Frenzy 2016 Depower Control Bar with safety system:
Depower control bar with safety system, cleat adjustment and chickenloop.

Ozone Frenzy / Frenzy Ultralite 2012 Depower Control Bar with Safety System

Ozone Contact Control Bar System:




Ozone Frenzy V10 2017 / Frenzy Ultralite : £645.00 - £899.00
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Availability: 3-5 Days

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The Ozone Frenzy V10 2017 is a high performance freestyle kite aimed at intermediate to advanced snowkiters who are looking for performance and versatility. The Frenzy has massive pop, tight turn speed and crisp responsive handling. If you are into fast mountain riding, carving massive tracks in the powder or boosting huge handle passes from snowy wind lips then this is the kite for you.


The leading edge of the Ozone Frenzy 2017 has been reinforced with flexible lightweight plastic battens to maintain the shape of the profile during angle of attack changes and turbulent airflow; this increases stability and overall performance. The new reflex profile offers ultimate stability in gusty winds and backcountry conditions. New internal strap positions distribute load more evenly throughout the sail. Incorporating open cells allows for easier inflation and deflation when packing.


Every aspect of the Frenzy V10 has been recalculated using the latest development techniques. The new Frenzy has a compact feel and faster handling which makes it easy to generate power even in light winds. The new sail tension calculations have dramatically improved the stability throughout its flight window and in turbulent / gusty conditions. This all makes for a kite that is more fun to ride and fly.


An increased number of cells (and reduced cell width) allow more control of the upper and lower surfaces. More cells also help reduce the amount of billowing (ballooning) of the cells, resulting in cleaner surfaces and better overall performance.


The “Link” line is a new addition this year to the Frenzy. This line connects both sides of the Speed System together to maintain the correct distance between both sides of the kite. This “Link” line therefore controls the tension transmitted through the kite which aids stability.


These improvements add to the performance of the kite in all aspects; faster smoother direct handling, more power produced throughout the speed range, better stability and more de-power than ever before.


Ozone Frenzy 2017 Construction:

The Frenzy 2017 is constructed from top quality materials and now features a double pulley speed-system, utilising the latest high spec Ronstan Orbit Block Series 20 pulleys. Ozone have also added 3 unique “blow out valves” to the under surface to allow the internal volume of air to be released when the kite is crashed into the ground.


The Ozone Frenzy has been the good friend of many Snowkiters across the globe and since its debut six years ago the Frenzy has set the standard. Chasta has taken the Frenzy to three world titles and has pushed the boundaries of the sport with this kite further than most of us can imagine.


The Ozone Frenzy 2017 has a thinner profile to allow it to fly faster and extend the de-power range. The bridles have been minimized by removing the D lines, helping to reduce drag and increase performance and speed.

Ozone have also worked extensively on the handling resulting in lighter bar pressure and faster turning.


The new Ozone Frenzy bridles give the kite faster handling and more depower. The new look 2017 is still the All-Terrain Frenzy we know and love, just a little more refined and suited for the Intermediate to Expert kiter.


The new flying line Y system helps the handling and again reduces drag even further. There is also the addition of the X line which helps reduce the chance to bowtie the kite.


The new kite is still a low down grunt kite which produces power just by putting it in the air but it is smoother, faster and lighter to handle.


The Ozone Frenzy 2017 now comes with the technically advanced Ozone “Speed System” with a double pulley on each side that allows the angle of attack (D-Power) to be changed minutely which results in the smoothest progression from full power to full D-Power.


The Double Pulley speed system is designed to work in harmony with the bridle plan, sail tension and profile. The balance of the design is what makes the mid-aspect Ozone Frenxy 2017 such a solid performer with un-beatable stability, turning speed, low end power and impressive D-Power.


Ozone Frenzy Ultralite:

The Ozone Frenzy Ultralite is based from the Frenzy design but produced with lighter materials mainly to reduce weight and packing size. It is the perfect kite for backcountry riding, hiking and discovering new snowkiting spots.


The Ultralite is 25% (on average) lighter than the standard Frenzy, and the reduced packed size leaves you with more space for other important tools needed during backcountry sessions.


The top surface is made from Porcher Sport Skytex 36gm2 cloth - this cloth is lightweight and packable while still retaining a good level of durability. The bottom surface is Porcher Sport Ultralite 27gm2 - this material is just as strong, but being an ultra light-weight cloth it is not designed to be heavily abused.


The Ultralite version is more sensitive to handling on the ground and cannot take as much punishment as the standard Frenzy. It will last for hundreds of hours when properly cared for, but will not withstand endless abuse. This is really only a choice for people that know how to handle their kites in all conditions!


Ozone recommend the Frenzy Ultralite for experienced kiters that need to save weight and volume wherever they can. In control of the right person the Ultralite really feels lighter moving through the air and launches in even the slightest breeze.


New Ozone Frenzy 2017 / Frenzy Ultralite features include:


  • Direct and responsive handling

  • Easy and controllable power

  • Huge Depower range - Speed system provides amazing progressive power increase ability with gust spilling depower.

  • Double Pulley Speed System giving mental D-Power range and faster turning speed

  • Mesh openings for clean air intake and extra strength

  • X-Line – Anti Tangle system in Bridles

  • Partially closed cell leading edge for ultimate performance

  • New brake fan design to ensure a cleaner and easier landing stall

  • Clean aerodynamic profile - No wrinkles, perfection in manufacture and design.

  • Highest grade materials used throughout the kite and bar system to certified paraglider standards and bullet proof re-enforcement in high stress areas.

  • Fast turning with constant power.

  • Open Celled depower foil - No Hassles launching or landing in light or strong winds.

  • Technical backcountry mountain backpack with room for 2 kites.

  • Simple and easy to launch or land without assistance - Just unwind and GO.

  • Perfect bar pressure with direct and responsive handling producing insane POP.

  • “Butt hole” - Velcro opening in outside cells to allow easy removal of debris.

  • Highest quality 40d nylon rip-stopmaterial with bullet proof re-enforcement

  • Sleeved bridles (Un-sleeved bridles stretch and snow/ice forms creating problems).

The Ozone Frenzy / Frenzy Ultralite 2017 is available as kite only (with bag) or ready to fly with:


  • Ozone Frenzy 2017 / Frenzy Ultralite Power Kite

  • Carbon control bar with 25m Dyneema Lines

  • Leash-less riding safety system

  • Ozone 4 x 25m lines (500 kg and 300kg coloured lines)

  • Larger technical mountain pack

  • Spares Pack

  • Detailed manual, stickers, and key-ring

Who is this kite designed for:


Ozone Frenzy 2017 - 5m:

The 5m is ideal for training purposes, light riders or super storm strong winds. It is stable and produces good solid power when you move it. If you can only have one kite and you weigh less than 50kg then this is for you.

Rider weight range from 40kg to 70kg, Wind range 5 to 35knots.


Ozone Frenzy 2017 - 7m:

The 7m is ideal for light riders or strong winds. It is fast handling and produces good solid power when you move it. If you can only have one kite and you weigh less than 70kg then this is for you.

Rider weight range from 50kg to 80kg, Wind range 5 to 20knots.


Ozone Frenzy 2017 - 9m:

This kite is a dream and a perfect all rounder, ideal for riders that want to do a bit of everything. I like the kite because it is perfect for cruising, jumping or mountain climbing.

Rider weight range from 60kg to 90kg, Wind range 5 to 20knots


Ozone Frenzy 2017 - 11m:

The 11m is a power house and will pull almost anything. If you like to jump and fly then this is what you might be looking for. For a big kite it handles well and the de-power is excellent.

Rider weight range from 70kg to 100+kg, Wind range from 5 to 20knots.


Ozone Frenzy 2017 - 14m:

Very light winds or a heavy rider are needed for this kite. If the 11m was not enough for you we built this! This kite has so much grunt and it pulls like hell from the moment you put it in the air.

Rider weight range from 80+kg, Wind range depends on the rider.


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly depowerable kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>


Projected Area (cm)
Flat Surface Area (sq m)
Aspect Ratio
Skill Level


Ozone Frenzy 2013 Wind Range
Beaufort Scale


Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>

You can purchase spares for this item here >>

Depower Control Bar

Ozone Control Snow Megatron Control Bar System

Ozone Frenzy / Frenzy Ultralite Control-Snow Megatron Control Bar System:


The Contact-Snow Control System offers the latest in safety features, a clean control bar design and a simple easy-to-use trimming system.


Push Away Quick Release – The control system features a new Megatron pushaway quick release safety with total flag out of the kite. The release handle is ergonomic with positive release forces (under 8kg) allowing for quick and easy release. Simple re-assembly saves time and gets you back up and riding faster.


Three Safety Modes – The new Contact-Snow Control System offers riders a choice of three safety modes; the recommended Flag Out safety, or the optional Brake Handle or Suicide safety modes.


The recommended Flag Out safety offers 100% flag out in all situations by releasing the Megatron or letting go of the bar when un-hooked.

The Brake Handle safety method attaches the safety leash to the hand brake line that connects to the back leaders, when Megatron is released the kite stalls down to the ground.

The Suicide option offers 100% flag out only when the Megatron is released whilst hooked in, allowing riders practicing handle passes to let go of the bar with out flagging the kites safety (not recommended).


Anti-twist 100% Flag Out Line – The flag out line running through the Megatron & safety leash attachment at the bottom keeps the leash tangle free when doing rotations and manually unwinding the centre lines using the Spinning Handle.


Low Friction Centre Piece – The new control bar features a low friction aluminum centre piece designed to reduce trim line wear.


Auto Positioning Chicken Loop – Designed in conjunction with the bar centre piece, the Megatron spinning handle allows chicken loop auto positioning, offering easy unhooked riding and hooking back in.


Magnetic trim handle system – The Magnetic trim handle connects to a magnetic neoprene sock covering the clam cleat to reduce tangles when the trimmer is depowered.


PU Covered trim line & Ronstan Orbit Pulley – The tough PU covered trim significantly reduces wear when sheeting in and out, whilst the smooth running Ronstan Orbit Pulley also prevents trim line wear.


The Contact-Snow Control System bar sizes come in 45cm, 50cm and 55cm. The larger size PU chicken loop (sold separately) is perfect for riders with longer arms or for riders wanting even easier hooking in & out.

Bar System Features:


  • Megatron quick release with 100% Flag out
  • Clam cleat trimmer with Ronstan Orbit Pulley
  • Magnetic trim handle reduces tangles when trimmer is de-powered
  • Longer foam floats with internal back line trimming
  • 45/50/55cm bar with low friction centre piece
  • Lightly sanded EVA grip and ergonomic finger grip bumps give you the ultimate bar grip
  • Auto positioning chickenloop and bar enables hooking back in without taking your hands off the bar
  • Easily un-twist your middle lines using the spinning handle
  • Wide mouth chicken loop for effortless unhooking and hooking back in
  • Colour coded leaders & 500/300kg flying lines
  • Hideaway elastic line retainers
  • Exceeds all Kitesurf/Snowkiting loading and release EU NORM safety standards
  • Original 4 x 25m lines (500 kg and 300kg coloured lines)


Megatron Chickenloop:


  • New Molded Chickenloop design
  • Easy to operate, wide mouth for hooking in or out easily
  • Passes the requirements for the AFNOR EU Norms for Chickenloop releases in emergency situations
  • Top handle spins for easy line un-tangling
  • Suicide leash attachment
  • Fits into bar for perfect connection (male to female)
  • Fool-proof release system and easy to re-connect with one hand
  • Beal line for chick loop line - never wears out (But is replaceable in case of failure by accident

You can purchase spares for this item here >>


Ozone Frenzy FX is a lifting machine! Eric Twiddy

What a fantastic introduction into freestyle depowerable kites. The Ozone Frenzy FX has all you need to get yourself up and going into the air.

Handling is smooth and easy to control, power delivery is nice and you can feel the power coming in as opposed to a sudden suprise burst that pulls you over your board.

Depower is nice and probably covers about 3 foil kite sizes - so I can use my 11m from about 7mph to 20mph and still retain control.

Safety was important for me and the Megatron depower loop gives you just that as well as the X-Line which stops the kite from bow-tieing. I have had no problems with mine!

Sweet Kite! Jim Dawe

This is such a sweet kite! I have been using it for jumping as well as riding unhooked and you can do all the new school moves on this kite. I love how the kite powers up and the launch and landing of the kite is really easy even in the stronger winds.


Absolutely Amazing! Gavin Priest

For years I'd aspired to owning a Frenzy, it's reputation, it's prowess in the sky and it's build quality all appealed.


Having worked my way through many fixed bridle 4 line kites I decided to almost take the plunge a couple of years ago and bought an Ozone Access 8m. Superb, safe, powerful and dependable.

This year I decided to bite the bullet and get a 9m Frenzy FYX. Oh my God. It's absolutely amazing! I bought it with the intention of it being my only (or at least my main) kite. It is so damn good.


It does exactly what you want it to do. If you want air - you got it, if you want to cruise at speed - you got it, if you want to go XC - you got it. It's a dream to set up and pack away, the safety systems are second to none and the build quality is phenomenal.


Needless to say I have sold all my other fixed bridle kites. When flying it you are constantly pushing yourself - it inspires confidence, as do the guys at Powerkiteshop, without them I'd probably still be flying a 2.5m cheapie.

Keep it up fellas, thanks for recommending my new best friend!!


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Ozone Frenzy 2015 -  Blue
Ozone Frenzy 2017
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Ozone Frenzy 2017 -  Blue
Ozone Frenzy 2017
Aqua - Kite Only

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Ozone Frenzy 2017 -  Yellow
Ozone Frenzy 2017
Yellow - Kite Only

- £645.00
- £759.00
- £799.00
- £879.00
- £899.00
Ozone Frenzy Control Snow Depower Control Bar with Safety System

Ozone Frenzy Control-Snow Megatron Control Bar - The new Ozone 2017 Snowkiting Depower Control Bar specifically designed for Ozone's depower range gives a direct line to kite feel with no pulleys on the bar.

Complete with Ozone 4 x 25m lines from bar splitting to 4 at kite (500 kg and 300kg coloured lines)

Enter size and colour of kite above and then add quantity into ready to fly box. Ready to fly package can only be ordered in conjunction with purchasing kite.

Quantity: at £349.00



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