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North Fuse 2013 Kiteboarding Water Relaunchable SLE Kite >>

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable LEI

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable LEI


Comes Complete with: 

North Fuse 2013 Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction with expandable backpack.

North Fuse 2013 Kite Storage Bag Rucksack

North Fuse 2013 Kite:
Complete with pre-sleeved bridles

North Fuse 2013 Sail

North Kite Pump:
Complete with pressure gauge.

North Vegas 2013 Kite Pump

North Rebel Progression Q:

Quality means a lot to North Kiteboarding. For this reason North have focused their efforts on the best quality management possible over the last few years. North expect lasting performance in a wide range of conditions from our kites.


North expect to design kites that fulfill and surpass the wishes and demands of their customers. To ensure North can attain this goal, quality begins at the very first stages of kite manufacturing. North know that a product is always only as good as its weakest detail, which is the reason why all details in construction and production methods have been and continue to be analyzed and optimized over the years. North like to simply call this design and quality standard Progression Q. In this ongoing process, North continuously work on improvements, but the basic idea remains the same:


By standardizing details in construction and design across North's entire range it has become possible to optimize production processes and to use materials more efficiently. The result is products that are all automatically at the same level of quality at any given time. Both of North's kite designers work together closely so that each kite model in their range automatically benefits from every new idea or experience. Pro Q represents durability, timeless performance, and the highest possible quality control standards.


North Progression Q consists of three departments that complement each other perfectly:


By simplifying the production process and standardizing single parts of products throughout their range, the construction process and the number of parts needed has been greatly optimized. Cloth cutting processes have also been optimized, allowing North to use more expensive and higher quality materials that are lighter and more durable. Even the seam construction diagram has been changed from the classic zigzag stitch to a stronger triple zigzag. All top are now stitched and glued.


The list of improvements is long and peppered with completely new innovations like the Fusion 10 and the new pigtails. Before any product can leave the factory, it must pass all quality inspections and check points. Every production process is defined in the smallest detail and accurately logged, allowing North to achieve the highest level of quality control for every single product. With the sum of innovations, new materials, construction changes and quality control procedures, the standard of North products has risen to an entirely new level.

Technoforce D2 Canopy:
Technoforce D2 is a revolutionary canopy material that offers the advantages of a high tearing strength and the highest resistance against UV. It’s the key to a durable, long lasting kite. Teijin, the leading manufacturer in canopy materials, produces Technoforce D2 exclusively for North Kiteboarding.

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Sheeting Force:
The tunable pigtails offer two different bar pressure settings. Low bar pressure means less force on your arms and increased turning abilities of the kite. Higher bar pressure gives you crisp and direct feedback from your kite.

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Fusion 10:
The fusion 10 is a completely new connection between the strut and leading edge. In contrast to normal connections, the forces are no longer supported by a webbing strap but by a flexible line. The line ensures a perfectly clean connection of strut to leading edge even with the smallest struts and offers our strongest strut connection ever. Just a little revolution in strut technology!

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Computer supported sewing:
At North Kiteboarding we strive to perfect the smallest manufacturing details. With the aid of computer-supported sewing machines, North are guaranteed the strongest possible seam construction and a clean, good-looking stitch. North's extremely durable double V pigtails are also constructed using this innovation for maximum quality.

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Doubled and cleaned Pigtails:
New ways in constructing Front – and Back Pigtails have been found by North Kiteboarding. No more belt struts are used, but strongest dyneema lines. The advantage of the lines is the flexibility at the edge of the canopy, so they can flex in every single direction, not like stiff belt struts. Further more two layers of strongest Dacron are sewed on all Pigtails which ensures a perfect and flutter free load transmission.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Cam Battens:
North's revolutionary and patent-pending Cam Battens are made of flexible nylon and improve the stability of the canopy and reduce the drag of the kite. The Cam Battens allow North to achieve a deeper profile and make the kites more powerful. The deeper canopy combined with a round entry profile gives better stall resistance, which yields not only better low end power but also better hang-time. Cam Battens also give the kite much better upwind abilities and very good stability in the sky.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Kook-Proof Connectors:
These connectors prevent the number one cause of kite accidents by ensuring that front lines cannot be attached to the back of the kite and back lines cannot be attached to the front.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Self Rescue Handles:
These loops attached to the inside of the wingtips make it easier to hold the kite for bodydrag rescue.

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Aramid Reinforced:
New for 2013 are the Aramid Reinforcements, added in highly exposed areas such as the Micro Batten pockets and the leading edge scuff pads. These reinforcements reduce wear from everyday use and increase the durability and life of your kite.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Relaunch Bungees:
The North 2013 Fuse utilize the new re-launch bungee system. A small ring supports an elastic bungee attached to the front leg of the back line “V”. When the lines are not under flying tension, the V is pulled tight to the leading edge preventing any line snags on the kite’s wingtips during launching, landing and water re-launch. The clean, low profile design requires no assembly when attaching your lines to the kite and is reinforced with a durable PVC patch to prevent any wear on the leading edge.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
In order to produce a lightweight and durable kite, North uses Technoforce T9 polyester ripstop for the canopy. This material does not absorb any water and is coated with UV-protection on both sides.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
North's UV-obstructing polyester polyurethane bladders proved to be very reliable and are now also equipped with return valves at the small transversal tubes.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Load Distribution Panels:
More powerful kite profiles means that the canopy has to carry higher loads resulting in a distorted profile and loss of efficiency. The Load Distribution Panels spread the load from the lines to a wider area keeping the profile smooth and distinct and allowing the kite to perform with maximum efficiency at all times.

North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Dacron Leading Edge and Ribs:
All areas exposed to peak stresses are made of top-quality 170g or 175g Dacron. This material helps achieve maximum tear strength in combination with conventional kite materials and will never delaminate.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Lazy Pump:
One valve for inflating, one valve for deflating the whole kite. The North Lazy Pump System allows you to pump the whole kite with just one valve. Safety clips on the connecting tubes isolate the struts from the leading edge. The neoprene cap is simple and effective and every tube is fixed with a security clip to the valve. The security clips are easily removed in case of bladder repair.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Smart Valve:
All North kites are now being delivered with a newly developed valve. It comes with a bomb-proof closure system with a sliding safety fastener and integrated deflator pin that is user friendly and highly effective. The material of the deflator and the valve has been refined to prevent any twisting or sliding.
North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite



North Fuse 2013 Kiteboarding Kite: £799.00 - £1419.00
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Availability: 3-5 Days

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The North Fuse 2013 is North's latest exciting creation! A high performance free-ride / wave and wake kite that is sparking the future of 4 line performance!


The North Fuse is already in his 4th generation and setting benchmarks in 4 line kite performance.


For 2013, the Fuse is an entirely unique kite and the choice of many all round riders looking for a 4 line bridled kite. Of course it can also be ridden in a 5 line set up if wanted! North have worked hard to ensure they got the bridle just right on the kite, over the years it has been tweaked and adjusted to get the most out of the kite and the results speak for themselves.


The big sizes have some of the lowest wind ranges in North's line up and this is largely thanks to the bridle set up, allowing the kite to be trimmed to perfection. It is a high performance freeride-lightwind kite that will impress anyone who rides it.


Jumping and hangtime are exceptional excellent and the turning characteristics are responsive and direct. The bridle gives the kite excellent depower and a huge wind range.


The upwind performance is impressive. The adaptive tips combined with North's unique streamline strut system giving the kite much better stability in the air and improve the turning speed and response rate of the kite dramatically.


The Fuse is such an easy kite for freeriding and waves with a huge wind range, light, predictable feel and great jumping qualities.


Its unique and simple Attack Control Bridle gives the Fuse smooth, reactive steering that is especially evident when de-powered, making it a huge step forward in terms of manoeuvrability and directness on 4 lines.


Additionally, the Bridle gives you the ability to safely and completely de-power the Fuse on its back, similar to a 5 line system, just a little bit slower.


Easily accessible low-end power and extreme resistance to back-stalling gives the Fuse great light wind capabilities while the AC Bridle ensures direct de-power and a crisp bar feeling even in strong winds, with easy push and pull power.


The Fuse is built to last, still utilizing the Techno Force canopy material D², which was first used ever with the first product generation of the Fuse. Lazy pump simplicity will get you on the water quickly and easily when it counts. To ensure a 100% safety solution the Fuse can also be flown on the 5th Element if desired. It's your choice!


Lazy pump simplicity will get you on the water quickly and easily when it counts.


To ensure a 100% safety solution the North Fuse can also be flown on the 5th Element Control Bar if desired.


North Fuse 4 / 5 Line control:

The North Fuse 2013 can be ridden on 4 or 5 line control bars, uniting new-school and free-ride in one kite. The Fuses' shape offers great sheet and-go riding, excellent wind range and high de-power.


The overall shape helps the Fuse turn quickly and predictably while the new bridle geometry stabilizes the arc for a soft, consistent bar feel and extreme back-stall resistance.


The 4-line mode boasts an innovative new safety system and bar-feel perfect for those who prefer soft, easy handling.


In 5-line mode the 5th Element additionally stabilizes the arc, providing very direct bar-feel for new-school riding and the ultimate 5th line safety.


Auto re-launch means that you can go for it and never have to worry about re-launchng your kite. Just take your hands off the bar and let the kite do the work for you!



The North Fuse 2013 is built tough to take some thrashings and the new connection between strut and leading edge easily withstands the high loads of the delta shape.


The North Fuse's precise steering response always delivers predictable and controlled jumps even if your take-off is not perfect.


With its simple bridle configuration the Fuse can be used with a four-line bar or with the North 5th Element Control Bar.


In 4-Line mode the North Fuse is ideal for everyone who favours reactive handling even when depowered, while the 5th Element mode additionally stabilizes the kite for optimized performance, direct handling and the best safety.


For 2013 the Fuse features the new “Adaptive Tip”. In recent years, there has been a trend leaning towards more reactive kites with even lighter sheeting forces than in the past. Such kites are really comfortable, lively for wave riding and offer more forgiving kite loops because they pivot around the wingtip. However, comparison tests have shown that North team riders and testers actually prefer kites with a harder bar feel because they offer better feedback, precise steering and more dynamic turning, which in turn creates more power.

The new “Adaptive Tip” allows users to easily change the sheeting force and turning performance through a simple back pigtail adjustment, allowing you to customize your kite to your desired style and feel:


North Fuse 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI


North Fuse 2012 Water Relaunchable LEI




  • Reactive steering even when depowered
  • Adaptive Tips
  • Fast turning
  • High durability
  • 4-or 5-line setup
  • Bridge Profile design
  • Kevlar reinforcements
  • Solid Dacron trailing edge
  • Freeride / Wave / Wake
  • Huge Wind Range
  • Sizes: 5 / 7 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18

Aramid Reinforcements:

For 2013 are the Aramid Reinforcement, added in highly reinforced exposed areas such as the Micro Batten pockets and the leading edge scuff pads. These reinforcements reduce wear from everyday use, and increase the durability and life of your kite.


5th Element Line with 4-Line Safety:
The North Fuse 2013 can be flown with four or with five lines, the fifth line provides 100% depower and maximum safety even in high wind conditions.


Kook Proof Connectors:
These connectors prevent the number one cause of kite accidents by ensuring that the front lines cannot be attached to the back of the kite and back lines cannot be attached to the front.


Deflator Pin:
The low-drag ribs require a high inflation pressure, thus all valves at the chambers of the North Fuse 2013 have a deflator pin. Thanks to the worked-in drainage functionality, the air can be let out within a few seconds.


Self Rescue Handles:

These loops attached to the inside of the wingtips make it easier to hold the kite for body drag rescue.


Low-Drag High Pressure Ribs:
It's not true that all types and sizes of kite need to have as little aerodynamic drag as possible. However North like to control drag by putting it where they want it and elminating it where they don't want it.


To the end of elminating undesired drag North have created the lowest drag ribs available.


From the low profile and correct orientation of the seams to the small overall diameter and tiny, low turbulence rib ends, the North Fuse 2013 ribs are designed to reduce undesirable skin friction and wake drag to a minimum .


Segmented Leading Edge:
For all heavily stressed areas, North canopies are manufactured from top quality 170g or 175g Dacron.


This material is equipped with the best possible breaking strain characteristics with the usual kite materials, and moreover, it will never delaminate.


Relaunch Bungies:

In order to make the relaunch easier and to avoid any possible line tangling, North have added Relaunch Bungies at the kite tips.


The bungies keep the lines flying slick against the inside of the leading edge, preventing any line going over the top of the kite during the relaunch.


Leading Edge Bridles:
The leading edge bridles creates the necessary stability for the North Fuse's consistent and direct handling.


**Prices shown are kite only - includes bag, and pump**


North Kiteboarding Fuse Video:


North Kiteboarding Trust Bar 5th Element Control Bar Features:


Complete with FREE North PUMP:


North Kiteboarding Kite Pump


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>


Wind Range

Size (m2)

Wind Strength (knots)

Aspect Ratio

Projected Area (m2)


































You can purchase spares for this item here >>

Depower Control Bar

North 2013 Fuse Trust 5th Element Control Bar System:


North Kites 5th Element 2009 Bar with Lines

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new North Trust Bar 5th Element system.


Safety - perform all moves with safety leash
Water Start - without swimming
Performance - increased performance due to wider wind range


The 5th Element will come already set up so there are no hassles on your first day and it doesn’t take any more effort to wind up or unwind them, and you don’t feel anything else but better performance when flying them.


All kites can be flown with the same bar, just the short line attached in the middle of the leading edge has to be adjusted to the different kite sizes. Instructions will be attached to all bars or upgrades.

North Fuse - 5th Element


Safety: The 5th Element line set permits anyone, from novice to pro, to easily and conveniently use a kite leash. The leash can be short and inconspicuous, or it can be a long handle-pass leash like the pros use. In either case, releasing the chickenloop quick-release while leashed-in causes the kite to depower immediately and totally and with no line tangles.


Whether you ride unhooked, spin, try a water relaunch for the first time or practice a handle pass, all maneuvers, including the latest tricks, can now be performed with the safety leash of the 5th Element.

As soon as you pull the Quick Release or let go of the bar it slips up the safety line. The kite is then completely depowered and comes down without twisting the lines.

One additional benefit of the 5th Element is that it makes dragging upwind to reach a lost board much easier.

North Fuse - 5th Element

When the kite is on the water after you crashed or let go of the bar, the 5th Element system allows you to relaunch without swimming

a) Keeping tension on the middle line, reload the chickeloop if necessary, and hook in if you want.
b) To get started again, use the middle line to pull the bar toward you.
c) If you pull the back lines simultaneously, the kite will slowly come off the water.
d) The harder you pull on the side of the bar, the faster and lower the kite will start in.
e)If you only pull gently, the kite will move as usual to the edge of the wind window for relaunch.
f) No unsafe pulls or drags. No more swimming!

North Fuse  - 5th Element

Performance: The 5th Element stabilizes the kite’s arc and thus clearly increases performance. Enhanced profile stiffness brings considerable advantages in depowered situations and increases the kite’s wind range. As a result, the kite flies closer to the wind window and responds more directly to steering impulses.


While arc-shaped inflatable kites have a marvellous simplicity, they also have a tendency to change shape as the wind increases and decreases and as load goes from front lines to back lines or vice versa. While it's possible to control such unstable tendencies in conventional four-line kites, such control comes at a cost: more drag. The 5th Element line set offers a low-drag solution to maintaining kite shape stability, thereby permitting higher performance in every respect.


5th Element-equipped kites have greater high end, greater range, and quicker turning. Because of the better high end they also have better lift, which makes for higher jumps. Because low end power is in no way reduced by the 5th Element line set, such kites also have excellent hang time.


You can purchase spares for this item here >>


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North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable LEI
North Fuse 2013 - Grey
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North Fuse 2013 Water Relaunchable LEI
North Fuse 2013 - Green
12.0m - £1099.00
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18.0m - £1419.00
North Fuse 2012 5th Element Control Bar

North Fuse 2013 - Ready to Fly package - comes with kite, storage bag, instructional manual, Trust Quad or 5th Element Control Bar and lines.


North Trust Quad Control (4-Lines)
at 299.00
North Trust 5th Element (5-Lines)
at 299.00


Enter colour of kite above and then add quantity into ready to fly versions. Quad or 5th Element Control Bar can only be ordered in conjunction with purchasing kite.



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