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Ozone Manta M3 (III) 2011 Depower Kite >>

Ozone Manta 3 III 2011 Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Ozone Manta 3 III 2011 Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Ozone Manta 3 III 2011 Depowerable Depower Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Available as Kite Only (with bag) or complete with: 

Ozone Manta 3 (III) 2011 Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack.

Ozone Manta 3 III 2011 Depower Power Kite Storage Bag

Ozone Manta 3 (III) 2011 Kite:
Kite complete with pre-stretched bridles.

Ozone Manta 3 III 2010  Power Kite

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Ozone Manta 3 III 2011 Flying Lines

Ozone Manta 3 (III) 2011 Depower Control Bar with safety system:
Depower control bar with safety system, cleat adjustment and chickenloop.

Ozone Manta 3 III 2011 Depower Control Bar with Safety System

Ozone Snowkites Promo:


Ozone Contact Control Bar System:


Ozone Factory Tour:

Ozone Manta 3 (III) 2011 : £652.00 - £796.00
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Suitable For:
Suitable for Kite Buggying
Suitable for Kite Landboarding
Suitable for Snow Kiting

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The Ozone Manta M3 2011 is the ultimate kite for any experienced kiter. It is still top of the line but with more power and faster handling making it even more fun to ride and easier to climb terrain.


The Ozone Manta 3 (III) 2011 has been rebuilt from top to bottom. The new profile is a high lift profile which produces more power than previous incarnations, meaning you can get away with using a smaller size kite.


The Manta's high lift profile produce more power than previous incarnations; this means you can get away with using a smaller size kite.


The all new new bridle layout has increased turn speed which helps in creating more power and better manoeuvrability. Due to it's long wing tips and flowing shape - the Manta M3 (III) glides through the sky with speed and lift providing a modern ride for old school fliers or previous Frenzy owners.


It's solid performance and incredible tight turning radius make climbing mountains easier and more importantly safer. For the 2011 Season the Ozone Manta M3 (III) has been updated with an improved trim giving higher performance. It also comes with Ozone's new “Patent Pending” Control-Snow System and in new colours.

Not everyone wants to push their limits to the extent of the top riders in the world and some just don't have the same level of skill or time to dedicate to our sport. This is why Ozone have developed the Ozone Manta M3 (III) 2011.

The Ozone Manta III (2011) will still push the limits of those who wish to take it on, so be under no illusions that this kite will require the pilot to be highly skilled.


The new Ozone Manta 3 (III) 2011 has a new 2 pulley speed system, high performance profile, low drag bridle layout, internal diagonals to further reduce line drag and a new swept high aspect ratio plan form.


The two pulley speed system reduces bar pressure tremendously and allows the kite to fly faster while retaining stability throughout the wind range.


Because the handling is faster it is easy to pop and the high performance profile keeps you up there for a long time. In light wind you have to work the kite to gain speed but once you feel it power up it just keeps pulling progressively.


The Manta M3 is constructed from top quality materials and features a double pulley speed-system, utilising the latest high spec Ronstan Orbit Block Series 20 pulleys.


Ozone Manta M3 (III) 2011 Technical Features:

  • The only choice for the expert kiter
  • Fast and powerful landing stall
  • Huge Depower range - Speed system provides amazing progressive power increase ability with gust spilling depower.
  • Double Pulley Speed System giving mental D-Power range and faster turning speed
  • X-Line – Anti Tangle system in Bridles
  • New brake fan design to ensure a cleaner and easier landing stall
  • Carbon bar with Ozone’s legendary leash-less safety system design giving you 100% peace of mind in an emergency.
  • New molded Megatron Chicken loop with safety release handle
  • Clean aerodynamic profile - No wrinkles, perfection in manufacture and design
  • Highest grade materials used throughout the kite and bar system to certified paraglider standards
  • Fast turning with constant power
  • Open Celled depower foil - No Hassles launching or landing in light or strong winds
  • Simple and easy to launch or land without assistance - Just unwind and GO
  • Lighter bar pressure with direct and responsive handling producing insane POP
  • Technical backcountry mountain backpack with room for 2 kites
  • Highest quality materials with bullet proof re-enforcement in high stress areas
  • “Butt hole” - Velcro opening in outside cells to allow easy removal of debris
  • Ozone Y-Line design: 3 x 25m lines from bar splitting to 4 at kite (500 kg and 300kg coloured lines)
  • Rock solid stability
  • Simple Relaunch
  • Fast predictable turning
  • Trimmers on the control bar leader lines so the rider can tune bar pressure to personal taste

The Ozone Manta M3 (III) 2011 is available as kite only (with bag) or ready to fly with:

  • Ozone Manta M3 2011 Power Kite
  • 54cm Carbon control bar with 25m Dyneema Lines
  • Leash-less riding safety system
  • Ozone Y-Line design: 3 x 25m lines from bar splitting to 4 at kite (500 kg and 300kg coloured lines)
  • Larger technical mountain pack
  • Spares Pack
  • Detailed manual, stickers, and key-ring

Who is this kite designed for:

The Ozone Manta III (3) 2011 is the perfect kite for intermediate to expert riders demanding a kite that has no barriers in its performance.

Best suited for old school riding and tricks with lots of float and airtime. This would also be ideal for people wanting to upgrade from previous older Ozone Frenzies but still want the same feel to the kite.


Ozone Manta M3 2011 - 8m:

Ozone's personal favourite from 15 knots and up. The small size is very fast so it can create a lot of power when you move it which makes it perfect for riding all over the place. Lighter riders will rip on this kite in all winds and heavy riders using it in strong wind will be amazed by the power it produces.

Rider weight range from 50 kg to 80 kg, Wind range 5 to 20 knots.


Ozone Manta M3 2011 - 10m:

This is the all-round season choice for the season. From 5 to 20knots this kite has everything you want.

Rider weight range from 60 kg to 90 kg, Wind range 5 to 20 knots.


Ozone Manta M3 2011 - 12m:

Ozone are sure that Chasta will be using the 12m just about all the time because he can handle the power well. The 12m although bigger retains good handling and is still fast and has really good hang time so it is a good freestyle choice.

Rider weight range from 70 kg to 100+kg, Wind range from 5 to 20 knots.


Ozone Manta M3 2011 - 15m:

This is a big kite for big guys or very big air if you ride like Chasta. For sure it has power even in light winds but because of its size it requires skill to keep it flying in very light winds. In stronger winds it is a flying machine beyond belief! This kite pulls hard!

Rider weight range from 80+kg, Wind range depends on the rider!


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Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly depowerable kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>


Projected Area (cm)
Flat Surface Area (sq m)
Aspect Ratio
Skill Level


Ozone Manta M3 2011 Wind Range
Beaufort Scale


Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>

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Depower Control Bar

Ozone Manta 3 III 2011  Megatron Control Bar System


Ozone Manta M3 2011 Control-Snow Megatron Control Bar System:

For 2011 the Access XT, Frenzy and Manta M3 all fly with the same bar, the new Contact-Snow Control System. With feedback from Ozone's Pro riders and customers they have simplified and refined the new control system. The stall handle has been re-designed with a reduced diameter and attachment to stop line catching.


The back line trimmers have been replaced with foam floats with internal back line trimming to keep the lower leader lines stiffer to reduce tangles for unhooked rider’s.

The Contact-Snow Control System still uses Ozone's Patent Pending Leash Less “RE-RIDE” safety system.


Ozone has been leading the industry since launching the original Frenzy in 2002, the Worlds 1st open celled de-powered foil. Since then Ozone have been at the forefront of the snowkite revolution with the world’s bets designers and riders ensuring we stay committed to the safe and enjoyable development of the snowkite World.


In 2005 Ozone released the Frenzy 05 with the 1st leash-less re-ride safety system release. This meant that riders did not need a leash to stay connected to the kite in a emergency. The easy yo grab handle that is just as easy to re-connect allows you to land your kite with ease. In a emergency you can feel 100% confident that you can rapidly stall the kite when you need to. The fact that you have no leash means you can spin as many times as you like without any hassle or tangles.


One other very important but often overlooked difference with our bar systems is the build and material quality. Ozone used only the finest Amsteel spectra leaders, speed systems and the best pulleys available to ensure that your safety is not compromised and we manufacture to the same certified paragliding standards at our own factory. No compromise for your safety.


Re-Ride System >> Stall:

Ozone Frenzy FX Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Bar System Features:

  • New bar ends and bar in one 54cm size
  • New "Patent Pending" re-ride system
  • Clamcleat Trimmer - Reliable, Smooth
  • Composite bar & bar ends - Load tested to 300KG
  • Colour coded EVA foam bar grip
  • The original RE-RIDE leash-leash safety system
  • Easy to grab stall/brake handle
  • Passes AFNOR EU Norms for Chickenloop releases in emergency situations
  • Trimmers on the bar leader lines so the rider can tune bar pressure to personal taste
  • Ronstan 300kg pulley with backup stainless ring
  • Wear-Proof Chicken loop line by “BEAL”
  • Colour Coded SK 75 Flying lines 25m x 4 Line labels for fool-proof line connection

Clamcleat Trimmer System:

Ozone Frenzy FX Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Megatron Chickenloop:

  • New Molded Chickenloop design >> see more here
  • Easy to operate, wide mouth for hooking in or out easily
  • Passes the requirements for the AFNOR EU Norms for Chickenloop releases in emergency situations
  • Top handle spins for easy line un-tangling
  • Suicide leash attachment
  • Fits into bar for perfect connection (male to female)
  • Fool-proof release system and easy to re-connect with one hand
  • Beal line for chick loop line - never wears out (But is replaceable in case of failure by accident)

Ozone Frenzy FX Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


You can purchase spares for this item here >>


Great wind range, stability and hangtime! Sly Jennings

In the lighter winds the Manta impressed everyone on the mountain. At one point it was the only kite out there that had enough power for some fun. As the wind picked up a little the kite really came to life with lots of usable power right across the wind window while flying super stable at all times. Holding the kite in the power made for easy ascents up the mountain terrain and sitting the kite at the zenith with the depower trimmed off made boarding back down a cinch, just feeding the power back in as you needed it, tacking back upwind was no problem either. In the higher wind this kite is amazing, sit back and cruise or redirecting for some high lift fun.


Smooth, Smooth, Smooth. Redirect and up you go, no drama, loads of lift and a controlled glide back down, edge hard for more pop then add a little bar pressure and the hang time you are rewarded with is impressive to say the least.


As with all the top brand, Ozone included, the build quality is top notch, the highest quality materials are used throughout with reinforcement in all the ‘stress’ areas. The backpack is worth a mention here also, loads of room, two kites packed in with no problem, with space left for supplies and essentials, also very comfortable to wear which can be important when you need to board and hike 10 kilometres to find the best sites.


The carbon bar is comfortable to use and the leashless safety and re-ride system works very well. Adjustment of the de-power system is easily done, even with snowboarding gloves on.


Overall this kite is stable with great pop and hang time. Large wind range and most of all FUN!Another top performer from the boys at Ozone!


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Ozone Manta M3 III 2011  - Blue / Grey
Ozone Manta M3 2011
Blue / Grey - Kite Only

- £652.00
- £688.00
- £753.00
- £796.00

Ozone Manta M3 III 2011  - Green / Grey
Ozone Manta M3 2011
Green / Grey - Kite Only

- £652.00
- £688.00
- £753.00
- £796.00

Ozone Manta M3 III 2011  - Red / Grey
Ozone Manta M3 2011
Red / Grey - Kite Only

- £652.00
- £688.00
- £753.00
- £796.00
Ozone Manta M3 2011 Depower Control Bar with Safety System

Ozone Manta M3 2011 Control-Snow Megatron Control Bar The new Ozone 2011 Snowkiting Depower Control Bar specifically designed for Ozone's depower range gives a direct line to kite feel with no pulleys on the bar.

One Size Fits all Ozone Manta M3 2011 Kites. Complete with Ozone Y-Line design: 3 x 25m lines from bar splitting to 4 at kite (500 kg and 300kg coloured lines)

Enter size and colour of kite above and then add quantity into ready to fly box. Ready to fly package can only be ordered in conjunction with purchasing kite.

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