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HQ Scout 3 (III) Power / Traction Kite >>

HQ  Scout 2 II Beamer Scout Power Kite


HQ  Scout 2 II Beamer Scout Power Kite


Comes Complete with: 

HQ Scout 3 (III) Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack.

HQ Scout 2 II Beamer Scout Power Kite Storage Bag

HQ Scout 3 (III) Kite:
Kite complete with pre-stretched bridles.

HQ Scout 3 III Beamer Scout Power Kite

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

HQ Scout 2 II Beamer Scout Flying Lines

HQ Scout 3 (III) Groundstake:
A must for all power kiting traction activities allowing for quick peg-down of your kite.

HQ Beamer Scout X-Over Control Bar and Safety System

HQ Scout 3 (III) Control Bar with safety leash:
Four line control bar complete with safety leash.

HQ Beamer Scout X-Over Control Bar and Safety System

HQ Scout 3 (III) : £289.95 - £339.95
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The all-new HQ Scout 3 (III) will set a new standard for stable and beginner friendly performance.


The innovative X-Over control system has been incorporated into the kite bridle, allowing for a cleaner, simplified control bar making it the ideal kite to enter the world of snowkiting and landboarding.


At the same time, it excels as a kiteboarding trainer kite on land. The brand-new X-over safety bar system offers ultimate safety and a complete new feel of bar flying.

Because the brake lines are actively used, the kite feels like being flown on quad handles. The increased performance accelerates the learning curve dramatically.


The HQ Scout 3 (III) is also the combined result of customer feedback and continuous testing at all the HQ training centres worldwide.


The HQ Scout 3 (III) has created a kite specifically designed to meet the needs of any power-kiting enthusiast, be it kite landboarding, snow kiting or general traction kiting.

The HQ Scout 3 (III) will allow the beginner to progress further, faster and safer and still delivers more than enough performance to keep intermediate flyers content.

The HQ Scout 3 (III) provides the utmost safety on a control bar for easy access to powerkiting, landboarding and snowkiting:


  • The HQ Scout 3 (III) is designed to fly using more pressure on the front lines, meaning it’s optimum performance is with a bar set up. Ideal for Kite landboarding.
  • A new layout of diagonal reinforcements through out the kite giving increased durability, more power and better stability making the HQ Scout 3 (III) very easy to fly.
  • The rear lines on the kite are threaded through small ceramic-coated rings, giving a smooth feel whilst flying on the bar.
  • A newly designed control bar provides a highly effective and easy to use activate safety system, meaning it kill’s the power instantly by applying the rear break lines for you.
  • The HQ Scout 3 (III) is extremely stable and very forgiving making it an ideal kite to learn on and progress very quickly.
  • The HQ Scout 3 (III) has an adjustable bridle allowing you to fine tune the kite and set it to you own preference in all kinds of conditions, making it turn faster or slower to suit your style.

Comes complete with:


  • High quality backpack
  • Revolutionary X-Over Safety-Control bar with coloured lines and safety-leash
  • HQ Groundstake
  • 20m Dyneema Flying Lines
  • Manual
Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness can be used with this kite but is not compulsory - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly four line kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>



Flat Span
(sq m)

Aspect Ratio

Sail Material

Bridle material

Line Length

Line Strength (kg)

Skill Level






Sleeved Dymeema

















Wind Range (mph)

Wind Range (km/h)

Skill Level












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4-Line Control Bar

HQ Beamer Scout X-Over Control Bar and Safety System HQ Scout 3 III I Four Line Control Bar with Safety System:

Aluminium control bar comes complete with wrist leash safety system.


Simply let go of the bar in an emergency and the kite will come out of the sky!


You can purchase this item separately here >>


HQ Power Kiting Kiteboarding SparesHQ Scout Spares:

You can purchase spares for this item here >>







Great Landboarding Kite! Kenny Martin

This is a great landboarding kite for the money. Excellent power and quality all on a control bar makes controlling the kite really easy to use.


It flys well in the gusty conditions and you can get some lift out of the kite also.


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HQ  Scout 3 III Scout Power Kite

HQ Scout 3 (III) 3.0m

HQ  Scout 2 II Beamer Scout Power Kite

HQ Scout 3 (III) 4.0m

HQ Scout 3 III Beamer Scout Power Kite

HQ Scout 3 (III) 5.0m




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