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Flexifoil Sting 2 (II) Power Kite >>

Flexifoil Sting 07 Power Kite


Flexifoil Sting 4-Line Handles Version comes Complete with:

Flexifoil Sting Kite Stuff-sack:
Stuff-sack style bag with drawstring.

Flexifoil Sting 07 Storage Bag

Flexifoil Sting Kite:
State of the art, SORA, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles

Flexifoil Sting 07 Kite
Dyneema Flying Lines and 4-Line Control Handles:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Four-Line Handles with safety system.
Flexifoil Sting 07 Flying Lines and Handles
Also Includes:
Instructions, Registration Card, Repair Voucher and Sticker
Flexifoil Sting 07 Instructions Manual Sticker Voucher

Flexifoil Sting 2 (II) Power Kite:
£74.00 - £99.99

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The Flexifoil Sting is ideal for the first time kiter, with simple to control and exceptionally stable flying characteristics.

The Flexifoil Sting is easy to fly, with simple direct control that really makes you feel that you are really connected to the kite.


Good, solid power is delivered with clean, steady acceleration right across the wind-window.

Completely new design and canopy shape:
The canopy of the new Flexifoil Sting has been completely redesigned using the latest Flexifoil R & D design processes. This has enabled Flexifoil to develop a kite with amazing flying characteristics.

The new ‘leading edge’ gauze mesh provides the kite with exceptional stability meaning that you do not need to worry about it folding or falling even in gusty wind conditions. This has also led to the easy re-launch facility.

The Flexifoil Sting is one of the easiest kites ever to re-launch. Just moving one handle allows the kite to roll off its leading edge. The Flexifoil Sting then flips upright and smoothly flies back up into the air! The Flexifoil Sting redefines the power kite.

It is a simple, patient and stable kite to fly which helps new kiters develop their flying skills in a safe and comfortable way.

Extended size range:
The Flexifoil Sting size range has been extended. The new 3.3m really packs a punch and bridges the gap between power kite and traction kite. Whilst the larger flyer will enjoy it as a gutsy, fun recreational kite, smaller flyers will discover the ultimate in introductory traction kites. With controllable power and swift turning response it easily fulfils both roles.

High Wind - Ultra Stable - Safe Traction:
The Flexifoil Sting also has a place in the kit bag for advanced kite buggy pilots as an ultra stable, high-wind traction engine. During testing the Sting was used in winds exceeding 50mph!


As this kite is so unbelievably stable, non aggressive and super strong, kiting in conditions that would otherwise be classed as unsuitable is now possible due to the Sting’s gust absorbing properties (Flexifoil do recommend that you upgrade the flying lines if you are planning to use this kite for this purpose).




  • Ultra stable design using the latest R&D techniques
  • Legendary design process and build quality. Flexifoil have been building and designing performance kite equipment since 1972
  • Gauze-covered leading edge- Speedy inflation for easy launch and superior performance
  • Croc grips - Trailing edge Velcro tabs to secure bridles and minimise tangles
  • Bullet-proof construction with localised reinforcements - Improves crash resistance and distributes the load from bridles
  • Colour coded flying lines, and proven safety system - For hassle free, easy set up and confident flying

Four lines are more of a challenge to master than two lines as the flyer has the added dimension of the brake lines which can be used to exert maximum control over the kite. The Flexifoil Sting can achieve advanced manoeuvres such as reverse launch, spinning the kite on its axis, regulating the turn rate, positioning and holding the kite anywhere in the window.

The Flexifoil Sting is simple to set up and is very portable and packs away into a compact stuff bag.


The kite is great for the more adventurous beginner or the flyer who is ultimately interested in moving on to traction kiting. These flyers can develop their skills on the Flexifoil Sting before moving onto the Rage or Blade.


The kite comes complete with a wrist strap safety system which allows the flyer to let go of the controls if they get into difficulty, without losing the kite.


Great for improving your flying skills before you move on to the higher performance kites. Perfect for flyers who want to get into kite flying with four lines instead of two.

Very easy to set up and fly.

The Flexifoil Sting is incredible value and is sold with everything you need to get flying.

The package includes:


  • Sting kite
  • Flexifoil Four Line Handles with Flexifoil wrist leash safety system
  • Flying lines (18m - 100/75kg)
  • Full comprehensive instructions
  • Storage bag
  • Flexifoil stickers
  • There’s even a one month no-quibble free repair card included just in case.
Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness can be used with this kite but is not compulsory - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly four line kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>


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Flat Surface Area (sq m)
Sail Material
Skill Level
Rec. Line (kg)
Sora Riptstop Nylon


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4-Line Handles

Kites For Sale - Ex Demo Flexifoil Four Line Handles with Wrist Leash Safety System:

Four Line handles with Wrist Leash Safety System - built to withstand water, sand and snow.


Rubber Handles for extra grip and suitable for the whole range of Flexifoil Traction Kites.


Complete with parking loops and integral safety system with wrist strap and safety leash - makes for tangle-free release and means kite is more easily retrievable.


Colour coded with neoprene 'comfi-grips' to prevent chaffing.


You can purchase this item separately here >>


Flexifoil Power Kiting Kiteboarding SparesFlexifoil Sting 2 (II) Spares:

You can purchase spares for this item here >>







Good quality first time kite! John Lake

If you are after a first time 4-Line kite - get this one! It is so good and the quality is so much better than a lot of the other kites aimed at the same market. It has a nice and friendly feel that lets you fly the kite as quick as you want without too many sudden surprises.


The kite handles the gusts well and the handles with the neoprene covers on make the flying nice and comfortable.

High wind buggy kite! Ben Turner

This kite is great for high wind buggying - I would recommend everyone has one of these for those stormy days! It has loads of power but at the same time is very controllable. Very little lift but this makes you push it more with the buggy speed. Even if you mess up - the kite is easy to relaunch and overall quality is superb!

High wind buggy kite! Martin Bence

This was my first 4 line power kite and I was advised by several people to buy the best I could. Well from the first time flying it I've been hooked and quite frankly it was well worth the money and I want a bigger one.


This kite has loads of pull and is great fun to fly in high winds or gentle wind and is very easy to set up and fly. I was hoping it would have a little more lift but I guess it's a good thing that it doesn't as it has allowed me to get used to the pull, learn how to find the wind window and control the kite properly without worrying too much.


The Flexifoil 3.3m Sting generates enough pull to drag me across the grass and sand in a low / moderate wind.


In summary, an all-round great learner kite with plenty of pull and not too much lift. Great build quality and reasonable price.


Definitely recommend Powerkiteshop too. Great prices and very quick delivery!


A dream to fly! Gary Burnett

This kite is a dream to fly, very responsive and even if you mess up, it's easy to relaunch. Would recommend one of these kites to anyone!


I must also congratulate Powerkiteshop for another efficient delivery!


You won't be disappointed with the Sting! Jowie Adkins


Firstly, I couldn't be more impressed with Powerkiteshop. All the information they give is great, prices are unbeatable and the delivery is amazing, even knowing in advance what time your stuff is going to arrive.


I'm brand new to this and I went for the Flexifoil Sting based on Powerkiteshop's recommendations of a kite 3-4m. I went for the 3.3 as it seemed the cheepest, decent way to get started. (elsewhere I've seen for £50 more, I dont think you'll beat the prices here) it hasnt dissapointed me yet.


I've been out in gentle breezes and stronger winds and every time I've been able to get it flying. It handles amazingly well, it feels like your painting across the sky and I love how you can feel every movement through the lines. I'm fairly sure I could fly it blind folded. It only took an hour or two before I knew I had to get a landboard and so far the Sting is doing the job perfectly well, though I get the feeling as I get more daring and better at it, I may want to upgrade to a bigger kite. but yeah, if like me you are looking to get started on landboarding and don't have a lot of money to splash around, dont worry, you won't be dissapointed with the Sting.


The handles are also fine, again, as I get better I expect I'll upgrade to a bar but for now I dont need it. Knee pads though! Lots of knee pads! Enjoy x


Jowie Adkins


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