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Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II) Depower Kite >>

Flexifoil Sabre II 2 Depowerable Kite


Comes Complete with: 

Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II) Kite Rucksack:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack with compression straps.

Flexifoil Sabre 2 Rucksack Storage Bag

Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II) Kite:
State of the art, chikara, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles

Flexifoil Sabre 2 Kite

Dyneema Flying Lines and Control Bar:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Sabre 2 control bar with spinning leash safety system.

Flexifoil Sabre 2 Control Bar and Lines

Also Includes:
Instructions, Registration Card, Repair Voucher and Sticker

Flexifoil Sabre 2 Instructions Manual Sticker Voucher

Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II): £449.00 - £599.00
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Suitable For:
Suitable for Kite Buggying
Suitable for Kite Landboarding
Suitable for Snow Kiting

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The Flexifoil SABRE 2 (II) has been designed and manufactured by Flexifoil primarily for Kite Landboarding and Snow kiting. It is an open vented 4-line depowerable foil which gives it superior light wind performance and makes it very easy to solo launch and land.

The Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II) features an improved profile producing better stability, increased lift, extended hang-time and enhancd low-wind performance.


The innovative D-rib technology supports the kite from the inside, reducing the amount of line drag by reducing the bridle. The kite turns faster, using a shorter bar than the original Sabre.


Stable Hooped Planform: Modified planform of the kite increases the 'hoop' shape of the kite, making it more stable, powerful and helps the kite turn smoother and faster.

Pre-stretched Unsleeved Dyneema Bridle:
Testing has shown this to have excellent strength and low stretch properties, so the kite will retain it's factory set tuning during use. The bridle line is also considerably very thin which creates less drag, resulting in a faster kite.

Chikara Canopy: Chikara Ripstop Nylon as it offers the best combination of strength, tear resistance and long-term durability.


Durable Reinforcements: Reinforcements around the rib tab points, where the bridle is sewn onto the kites. These can be high load areas and the reinforcements prevent the kite sail from tearing. Every internal rib vent has a reinforcement around it to help prevent the ribs from 'blowing out' in the event of a sudden impact.

Size-Variable Cell Numbers: Larger kites need to extract as much power from the light winds as possible, and the extra cells provide a much cleaner profile and a more efficient wing. The smaller kites have less cells which slows the kites to a manageable speed, even in stronger winds.

Leading Edge Gauze:
The gauze ensures the leading edge of the kite keeps its shape better, which allows us to make the profile of the kite more powerful.

It handles gusts well with a smooth power delivery which means you can spend more time thinking up new tricks and not have to worry about what the kite is doing. These kites have been built to last using high quality materials and manufacturing methods which go to make up the legendary Flexifoil build quality.


The kite comes equipped with a carbon control bar that has a spinning safety system which is easy to use and highly effective, depowering the kite completely.


The Flexifoi Sabre 2(II) is available in four sizes 5, 7m, 9.5m & 12.0m.

Comes complete with Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II) depowerable foil, kite storage bag, 4-Line Control Bar, instructions, one month free repair card, product registration card, stickers.


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly depowerable kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>


Flat Surface Area (sq m)
Sail Material
Skill Level
Control Bar Size
Sora / Chikara


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4-Line Depower Control Bar

Flexifoil Sabre II 2 Control Bar


Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II) Depower Control Bar:




1. Stainless steel swivel - A metal part which allows the front flying lines to rotate around each other and therefore untwist after you have done a loop.

2. Pull-pull depower strap - A webbing strap that is used to adjust the length of the front flying lines relative to the rear lines. This adjustment alters the power of the kite.

3. Leader lines - A rope that joins the rear flying lines to the end of the control bar.

4. Centre line - The rope which joins the chicken loop to the pull pull depower strap via a hole in the centre of the control bar.

5. Bar end - A plastic part with a soft covering which joins the leader lines to the end of the control bar. It has with soft section to protect your hands when riding unhooked.

6. Primary release - A release system used to detach the chicken loop from the centre line.


7. Chicken loop - A tubing loop that joins the control bar to the hook on your harness.


8. Landing line - Joins the two leader lines together and is used to land the kite.


9. 5th line - A single line used only for safety.


10. Harness attachment - This is used to join the leash to your harness.


11. Stake point - Loop through which a stake should be used to park the kite on the ground.


12. Leash + Secondary release - A safety part that joins the kite to you via one flying line.


Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>

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Flexifoil have done it again! Elijah Stewart

Its like flying a depowerable Blade! I love it! It has power and float and you can fly it in almost no wind at all! The wind range is huge and has loads of power.

I am using the 9.5m and I can use it from 8 mph to about 20 mph on my landboard which means I use it for about 90% of the wind conditions I get to fly!


Quality is really good as is the Blade IV that I already have and the control bar is nice and easy on the arms.

If you want a Blade with depower - get one of these!


Definitely recommend it! Graham Clarke

The Flexifoil Sabre 2 (II) 7m is the one that gets the most use and I find it so stable even in the lumpiest winds! I cant remember the last time I had anything other than the Sabre 2 (II)!


The control bar is really nice with good grip and the side rims very useful, the 5th line safety system is excellent and gives a great sense of security. It holds its shape very well and sits nicely at the zenith.


Its not too fast through the window so again gives you plenty of time to consider your next move. I would definitely recommend it as a first depower and am hoping to add to the set with a 9.5m soon!

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Flexifoil Sabre 2 II Depowerable Kite - Petrol
Flexifoil Sabre 2 - Petrol

- £449.00
- £599.00

Flexifoil Sabre 2 II - Depowerable Kite - Rasta
Flexifoil Sabre 2 - Rasta

- £599.00


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