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Flexifoil Rage Power Traction Kite >>

Flexifoil Rage Power Kite


Flexifoil Rage Power Kite

Flexifoil Rage Power Kite

Available as Kite Only (with bag) or Complete with: 

Flexifoil Rage Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack.

Flexifoil Rage Power Kite

Flexifoil Rage Kite:
State of the art, chikara, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles

Flexifoil Rage Power Kite

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Flexifoil Rage Power Kite

Also Includes:
Instructions, Registration Card, Repair Voucher and Sticker

Flexifoil Rage Power Kite

Flexifoil Rage: £74.99 - £99.99
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Availability: January 2015 - Pre Order Now

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The Flexifoil Rage is the successor to the Bullet series of kites.

This kite is not a Bullet in new colours, but a completely new kite from the ground up and designed to be better than the Bullet in all areas of performance and usability.

The Flexifoil Rage has been designed to be a high performance traction kite suitable for all levels of kite flyer. It is an extremely versatile kite providing controllable, smooth, predictable power with reduced lift.

The Flexifoil Rage is suited for everything from teaching basic kite skills, learning how to snowkite, kite landboard or buggy, through to being a high performance kite for experienced buggiers. This is a kite that you can learn on, but will never outgrow.




  • Improved planform – The planform of the Rage has been heavily modified. The kite maintains the sweeping leading edge of the Bullet, but has larger wingtips which help the kite to track and turn better. It also has a thinner centre chord depth and more of a hoop shape which helps to improve the stability of the kite.

  • Top quality materials – The bridle line for the Rage is made from sleeved Dyneema. This has excellent strength and stretch properties which means the kite maintains its shape in the sky, even in strong wind conditions. We pre-stretch every metre of bridle line in our factory to ensure that the constructional stretch is taken out of the line. We have tested several types of sail material for the Rage and have decided to use Chikara ripstop nylon as it offers the best combination of strength, tear resistance and long-term durability.

  • New reinforcements – We have incorporated several new reinforcements into the kite. Most important are the reinforcements around the rib tab points, where the bridle is sewn onto the kites. These can be high load areas and the reinforcements prevent the kite sail from tearing. Also, every internal rib vent has a reinforcement around it to help prevent the ribs from ‘blowing out’ in the event of a sudden impact.

  • Variable cell numbers – The three smallest sizes have 15 cells, and the two larger sizes have 17 cells. The larger kites need to extract as much power from the light winds as possible, and the two extra cells provide a cleaner profile and a more efficient wing. The smaller kites are designed to control the energy of the wind in medium to strong wind conditions.

  • Leading edge gauze – We built many prototypes both with and without gauze in the leading edge to find out whether it contributed to the performance of the kite. We found the gauze ensured the leading edge of the kite kept its shape better, which allowed us to make the profile of the kite more powerful. Ultimately, the Rages with gauze flew better than those with a fully open vent.

  • Intelligent design – Flexifoil are continually developing their design software and can now model, predict and analyse the actual 3D shape of a kite when it’s in the air and flying. Meaning they can shape the panels more accurately so that the kite has less creases and a smoother more accurate profile. This has resulted in a highly aerodynamic wing which helps all performance characteristics of this kite.

  • Aspect Ratio - The Rage has a moderate aspect ratio of 3.5 for the smaller sizes, and 3.6 for the larger sizes. This moderate aspect ratio, combined with all the other features make the kite easy to control and maintains high performance.

The Flexifoil Rage is supplied as Kite Only (with bag) or ready to fly with lines, handles or control bar + safety system:


  • Flexifoil Rage 4-Line Power Kite
  • Flexifoil 25m 200/100kg Quad Line Set
  • Flexifoil Prolink Quad handles or Traction Lite 4-Line Control Bar with Safety System
  • Flexifoil Rage Rucksack
  • Detailed user manual

Prolink Handles - ABS Handles with parking loops and hard-wearing grip, intergral safety system with wrist strap and safety leash makes for tangle-free release and means kite is more easily retrievable.


Rubber Handles for extra grip and suitable for the whole range of Flexifoil Traction Kites.


Complete with parking loops that can be tucked away when flying and integral safety system with wrist strap and safety leash - makes for tangle-free release and means kite is more easily retrievable.


Traction Lite Control Bar - 2mm EVA foam and 15% carbon construction provides optimum strength to weight ratio. Integral safety system.


Includes storage bag, flying lines, control bar or handles, safety system, flexifoil sticker, and instruction manual.


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness can be used with this kite but is not compulsory - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly four line kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>




Flat Surface Area (sq m)

Aspect Ratio

Sail Material

Bridle material

Line Length

Line Strength (kg)

Skill Level






Chikara / SORA

Sleeved Dymeema































Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>

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4-Line Handles

Flexifoil Pro Link Handles Flexifoil Pro Link Four Line Handles with Wrist Leash Safety System:

Flexifoil Pro Link Four Line handles - built to withstand water, sand and snow.


Rubber Handles for extra grip and suitable for the whole range of Flexifoil Traction Kites.


Complete with parking loops that can be tucked away when flying and integral safety system with wrist strap and safety leash - makes for tangle-free release and means kite is more easily retrievable.


The Flexifoil Pro-Link Handles are also fitted with an innovative harness line (strop line) management system allowing for a cleaner handle grip, (strop line not included).


You can purchase this item separately here >>

4-Line Bar

Flexifoil Tractton Lite Control  Bar Flexifoil 4-Line Traction Lite Control Bar:

The Traction Lite bar is a new bar for all fixed power 4-line ram-air style kites. It is rated at 220kg making it suitable for static or recreational flying as well as light traction use, such as cruising on a land/snowboard.

The bar’s simple safety system kills the power of the kite when you let go of the bar, leaving the flyer attached to the kite via a wrist strap attached to the brake lines.

The safety system is also adjustable to your preferred setup. There is also an adjuster at the top of the webbing strap which can be used to park the kite on the ground when not in use.


Control bar comes complete with safety system and quick release harness strop line.

  • Bar Ends - Solid inner sections for direct connection to the kite and soft outer coverings to protect your hands. Adjustable, colour coded leader lines. Each bar end has an elastic loop to secure the flying lines in place.
  • Ground stake attachment loop – Enables you to secure your kite firmly to the ground which helps when packing the kite away or just taking a break. Simply pull the brake line adjustment strap in and put a ground stake through the loop.
  • Brake line adjustment strap – Allows you to trim the
    brake line tension and increase the kite’s performance in variable conditions. Also, when pulled right in it secures the kite when parked
  • Wrist strap safety leash – Re-ride wrist strap safety system that uses the brake lines to quickly and safely land the kite when overpowered.

    Control Bar Length available in 55cm (up to 2.5m kites) or 65cm (3.5m+ kites).

You can purchase this item separately here >>


The Ultimate Buggy Kite! Harley Powell

This is one of the best buggy kites I have ever flown - fly this around the corners and you go round with it with power throughout the turns. The lift has some lift which is great but not too much that it doesnt lift you out of the buggy if you make a mistake.

Quality is excellent and the neoprene covered handles stop the chaffing on my fingers that I have experienced with other handles.

I love my Rage! Lee Palmer

I have bought mine with the control bar and a set of handles so I can use it on both the control systems. This kite works well with both setups and changing over takes only 2 minutes!

This kite has excellent all-round performance and is great for me on my landboard. Quality is so much better than the other kites out there aimed at the same market.

I wouldn't choose anything else!


Excellent All-Round Quality! Michael Birks

Very fast delivery and good all round service from Powerkiteshop.


The Flexifoil Rage 3.5m excellent all round quality! Has got some serious pull on my landboard, very well behaved no bowties!


It has made a big difference in the learning curve using a good brand name!! I have literally gone leaps and bounds and is even better when I added the Triple A adjuster kit, allowing me turn down the power output in higher winds or turn it up to give more lift, good all round very happy!


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Flexifoil Rage - Casino - 1.8m

Flexifoil Rage 2.5 m
RRP: £175.99 - £285.009

Kite Only:


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