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Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Kiteboarding Foil Kite >>

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite


Flysurfer Psycho 4 6m:

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite
Flysurfer Psycho 4 8m:

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite
Flysurfer Psycho 4 10m:

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 12m:

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 15m:

Flysurfer Psycho Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Deluxe Edition Colours:

Flysurfer Psycho Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Complete Ready to Fly Version comes with:

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Kite Storage Bag:

Waterproof canvas and tough construction with expandable backpack.

Flysurfer Psycho Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Kite:
State of the art performance Psycho 4 kite from Flysurfer.

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Infinity Control Bar:
Designed to be as simple as possible and for any style of riding, whether it's unhooked, hooked in, or a combination of the two the Infinity control bar you will find maximum comfort and safety.

Flysurfer Psycho Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Flysurfer Psycho Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Setting Up and Launching and Landing Your Flysurfer Kite:


Solo Landing your Flysurfer Kite:


Pack away your Flysurfer Kite:


Pack down your Flysurfer Kite in 2.20 minutes:


Water Relaunching a Flysurfer Kite:


Flysurfer Light Wind Riding:


Flysurfer Kite Blading and Landboarding:


Flysurfer Kite Blading:


Flysurfer Kite Hill Gliding:


Flysurfer Buggy Jumping :



Flysurfer Psycho 4 : £999.00 - £1910.00
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Availability: 1-2 Days

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The Flysurfer Psycho 4 is an extremely high performance and versatile freestyle kite designed for land kiting, snow kiting and kite boarding/surfing.


The goal of the Flysurfer Psycho4 was to combine turning radius, depower, handling and pop into a freestyle machine. Lay it out, unroll the lines, launch. As soon as you have the Flysurfer Psycho4 in the air, it begs for action. High turning speed, awesome wind range and mega pop. Send you kite into the other half of the window and you will immediately notice the uncompromising lift.


It is an intermediate to advanced level kite for people who want to master every discipline with maximum performance and style, whether it be on sand, grass, water or snow!


This kite has the turning speed of many tube kites without the hassle of having to take a pump to the beach, the self inflation system works on wind power alone. Set up at the waters edge with no need for a stake, bag or pump and get onto the water first every time.


The enhanced agility of the kite in combination with the direct feedback enables superior control – learning new tricks has just gotten easier! The total development of the Flysurfer Psycho 4 took almost two years to complete and also brings a completely new innovation in kite design.


The Psycho4 gets its wind range from the new “Triple Depower System”. For the first time, a kite doesn’t solely use changes in the angle of attack and profile indentation for depower, it also reduces the projected area at the same time. As soon as you push the bar away, the Psycho4 profile changes into on a pronounced C-form. The projected area decreases, the wingspan gets smaller. All this and the handling remains incredibly constant. Thanks to the Triple Depower System, the kite remains completely steerable and direct, despite the bar being pushed away.


Power is nothing without control. For this reason, Flysurfer have made certain that the Psycho4 practically never front-stalls. Additionally, it offers very precise and narrow turning performance, predestining the Psycho4 for radical free- and wakestyle. Kiteloops? Easy as pie, you set your own boundaries.


The Psycho4 offers more than performance alone, it has huge reserves when it comes to stability and safety. In the case of an emergency, it comes standard with our Full Depower Safety, when activated, the Flysurfer Psycho4 flags out on the 5th line and folds back from the middle of the canopy. Then it flies pressure-less to the ground and can be restarted whenever you want.


Whether on snow, water or land, the Flysurfer Psycho4 feels at home everywhere. In addition, you have the possibility of customize the bar pressure exactly according to your personal taste and with the Depower Performance Enhancer adjusting directness of depower was never easier. Immediate depower or more performance, the choice is yours.


What is a Flysurfer Kite?
A Flysurfer kite consists of more than 100 different parts which have to work perfectly together to achieve the desired result. The distinctive double sail delivers a real wing profile, enabling the enormous flight performance.


The Flysurfer double sail-design facilitates stress-free kiting. This begins with weight and pack size. Get onto the water in seconds, without pumping or a helper. Once on the water the simplest water-relaunch, a sophisticated safety system and incredible upwind performance and lift will make sure you enjoy your session. That¹s not all. Flysurfer kites have a product life that outperforms every other kite on the water.


Numerous features make a Flysurfer Kite what it is: A kite for everyone on the hunt for maximum fun and enormous performance in all conditions combined with maximum durability. Flysurfer kites are all-rounders. Whether on snow or ice, land or water, they are always in on the action.


Triple Depower Technology:

Thanks to the Triple Depower Technology, contact to the kite is always available even when fully depowered. Triple Depower changes:

  • The angle of attack changes (C kite to Flat kite)
  • The projected size of the kite changes (more/less pop and float for jumping)
  • The aerofoil camber changes (faster/slower kite)

Numerous optimizations to the profile have resulted in a more effective and direct depower effect. The already large wind range has expanded again. The legendary hang-time has just gotten even sweeter with more jump height, and thanks to the increased agility, kiteloops are now a reality. Naturally to cope with the increased speed and agility, stability had to be improved.


Depower is always within arms reach and is very direct, easy and precise like no other kite in this class. Jumps have never been easier and lightwind kiting has never been that much fun with butter smooth landings and amazing hangtime.


Stability, especially in strong or gusty winds, has grown to a level previously unknown in this kite class. The Triple Depower System gives the Flysurfer Psycho4 its unbelievable wind range. Despite a high aspect ratio, the Psycho4 flies like it’s nailed to the sky and won’t get unpredictable, even with more power. This provides additional safety, and helps with jumps. The tapered leading edge with four lines provides for excellent flagging-out of the Flysurfer Psycho 4 on the FLS Safety with an even better relaunch.


Flysurfer Triple Depower Technology:


Flysurfer Psycho 4 Deluxe Edition also available:

When is not good enough Flysurfer offer all of the Flysurfer kites in an exclusive DELUXE version. Once you have tried a Flysurfer Deluxe Kite, you will never go back.

The heart and most important feature of the Deluxe-Edition is the cloth. The Deluxe cloth is one of the lightest nylon cloths ever made, weighing only 41 grams per square metre. And this with previously unimaginable strength values.


A special PU-coating makes the cloth airtight, thus providing homogenous flight performance and high durability. Thanks to these high-tech materials, it is possible for us to build robust kites weighing up to one-third less. Needless to say, that is a world of difference when it comes to kites. Deluxe kites turn better, fly more stable and have less backstall. For everyone who wants another performance plus.

With a Flysurfer Deluxe Kite, you’ll improve your wind range again. The smallest breeze is adequate for snowkiting on hard-packed surfaces. And if that is not the deciding factor for you: the cloth of the Deluxe kites just looks stunning. Flysurfer implement the best of what’s available for each component of the kite. Naturally, this includes a completely untwist-able Infinity Control Bar.


Also included in the package is a classy, matching black-gold Deluxe Bag as well as a cool Infinity Bar bag. And the Safety Leash, is obviously, the best one Flysurfer have.


If you are into lightwind kiting or would love to increase your kiting time by 100%, and if the winds at your home spot often drop below 10 knots, the answer is a definite yes to the Deluxe Edition.

Larger sized foil kites profit the most from the lighter fabric and airtime is made easier and longer. They accelerate much faster and overall behaviour is better. (It is comparable to a paraglider, every gram you save with the fabric benefits the pilot in terms of handling, performance and last but not least, fun)!


There is a big performance advantage, especially during aggressive manoeuvres like kiteloops. The kite will fly faster upwards after the loop, giving you added assistance with the landing.


Flysurfer Deluxe Edition Features:

  • Flies in super low-wind conditions
  • Better turning and better catching after a kite-loop
  • Less backstall
  • Easy to use low-end wind performance
  • Generally easy to fly
  • Less prone to tip collapsing
  • Snowkiting and landkiting is now possible even in the lightest of breezes
  • More stability
  • Lighter pack-down weight
  • Smaller packing dimensions


Flysurfer Infinity Control Bar:

The Infinity control bar feeling is very direct, smooth and precise like no other kite in this class. Hangtime and butter-soft landings are unparalleled. It has never been this easy to land and learn new tricks, regardless of the wind conditions. Racers will also appreciate the improved windrange and increased upwind performance.


Flying characteristics:


Good Power and Wind Range
The good low end performance allows you to ride a smaller kite in a much lighter wind speeds without compromising the top end that Flysurfer kites are renowned for!


Fast Flying and Turning Speed
Enjoy a fast flying kite while jumping, wave riding and kitelooping! The new profile shape and tip design makes the Flysurfer Psycho 4 turn fast and easy with a comfortable bar pressure.

Exceptional Low End Performance
Using the latest design techniques, the Flysurfer Psycho 4 has more low end power than any Flysurfer ever made.


Amazing Lift and Long Float
The special design of the profile gives you a fast flying kite with good lift for extremely high jumps. The long float ensures longer airtimes and offers you softer landings.


Unmatched Stability
Even in gusty inland conditions, the Flysurfer Psycho 4 is extremely stable and is virtually impossible for the kite to luff!


Water Relaunching:

Because of the extreme stability, a Flysurfer kite is unlikely to ever hit the water in the first place.

However if it does, the waterproof taped and reinforced seams and the incorporated silicon valve design behind the air intakes along the kite's leading edge trap the air inside the kite, and make it very hard for water to get in.

The large volume of air keeps the whole kite floating on top of the water, so there is nothing stopping the kite from taking off. With very little practice, water re-launching a Flysurfer is very simple, quick, and easy to do.


Flysurfer Psycho 4 Package:


The Flysurfer Psycho 4 Complete version comes with the following:

  • Flysurfer Psycho 4 Kite
  • Flysurfer Psycho 4 Backpack
  • Flysurfer 4-Line Infinity Control bar with 21m lines

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite


Flysurfer Psycho 4 Kiteboarding Promo:


Flysurfer Psycho 4 Snowkiting Promo:


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly depowerable kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>


* Enter quantity required and click 'Buy Now' Button *


Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 - Complete:
- £999.00
- £1130.00
- £1265.00
- £1350.00
- £1490.00
- £1599.00

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Depower Foil Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer Psycho 4 Deluxe Edition - Complete:
- £1130.00
- £1300.00
- £1477.00
- £1610.00
- £1740.00
- £1910.00



Wingspan (sq m)

Projected Area (sqm)

Aspect Ratio

Centre Chord







































The Wind Range Chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, conditions on the Water or Land, Board Size and skill level. When choosing the Kite size always use common sense and always choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.




Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition
































Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>

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Depower Control Bar

Flysurfer Infinity Control Bar:

Flysurfer Infinity Control Bar

Flysurfer Infinity Control Bar: The Flysurfer Infinity Bar has a complete spinning system on it which includes the 5th line is included also.


Big rotations or kite looping the kite no longer gives tangles to the lines, just pull the bar in towards you and untwist all the lines, a simple and completely effective system.


The 5th line gives a great safety and total kill system to the kite. If you become over powered and pull the safety or you miss the bar trying for a handle pass, the kite falls instantly from the sky. The bar also features an anti-jam Ironheart chicken loop which has been tested with sand and dirt from around the globe and still releases every time.


The chicken loop is very easy to reset, even in high winds by back stalling the kite or by dropping the kite onto the 5th line.


The Flysurfer Infinity Control Bar comes complete with the following:

  • Quick Release Swivel Chicken Loop
  • Incorporated 5th line safety system with full depower safety
  • Strengthened and durability tested Safety-Leash
  • Flysurfer 4-Line Infinity Control bar with 21m lines
  • Infinity bar bag for clean and easy packing up and down

You can purchase spares for this item here >>


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