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Flexifoil Stormchaser Water Relaunchable SLE Kite >>

Flexifoil Stormchaser Water Relaunchable


Flexifoil Stormchaser Water Relaunchable


Comes Complete with: 

Flexifoil Stormchaser Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction with expandable backpack.

Flexifoil Stormchaser Kite Storage Bag Rucksack

Flexifoil Stormchaser Kite:
Complete with pre-sleeved bridles

Flexifoil Stormchaser Kite

Flexifoil Kite Pump:
Complete with aluminium shaft..

Flexifoil Kite Pump


Build and Construction:
Flexifoil kites are known worldwide for their exceptional build quality and attention to detail. Their materials are sourced from around the globe and manufactured within incredibly high tolerance limits. Flexifoil have worked hard to further improve quality control procedures meaning that we are confident that every stitch, print and panel is perfectly to specification on every kite they build.


Flexifoil are a company who strive to meet the demands of all levels of kitesurfer. The same kite technologies created through working with the world’s best riders, such as PKRA World Champion kitesurfer Aaron Hadlow, have improved their kites at every level of their product range.

Improved Dacron Cage:
To reduce the weight of the kite
and therefore to improve the kite’s performance, the Dacron Cage has been modified. The Dacron reinforcement strips run from wingtip-to-wingtip along the leading edge and down each side of the individual struts. These reinforcements have been slimmed down, so the strength is only at the high stress and wearable areas of the kite.

Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Leading Edge Construction:
Incredibly robust and strong, the Proton's Leading edge tube is heavily reinforced to withstand heavy use. The construction process has been borrowed from our other successful water kites – no compromises have been made!

Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Leading Edge Reinforcements:
EVA / Neoprene bumpers are sewn onto the leading edge at each point where the struts meet the leading edge. They protect the leading edge from damage whenever the kite comes into contact with the ground and significantly prolong the life of the kite.


Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Leading Edge Abrasion Resistance:
Flexifoil have attempted to maximise the ability of the kite to withstand scrapes and wear, but keep the weight and drag implications of the reinforcements to a minimum for excellent flight performance. There are tough polyester patches covering every leading edge seam that comes into contact with the beach, to protect this important stitch line and we have newly designed slim moulded strips to protect the kite’s canopy on the beach.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Improved Rigid Strut System:
The connection between the struts and the leading edge tube has been completely remodeled allowing for millimeter perfect construction, improved strength and increased rigidity in the kite frame.

Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Anti Flutter Battens:
Two small battens are positioned into the trailing edge near the wingtips. These are reinforced with Dacron, and create a stiffer trailing edge with clean release for turbulent air. This reduces drag and provides an increased turn speed. The battens are as small as possible to reduce weight. They are also uniform in size across the whole range.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Trailing Edge Battens:
Battens are sewn into the trailing edge near the wingtips. Reinforced with Dacron, they create a stiffer trailing edge and a clean release for turbulent air passing over the wingtips, this reduces drag and provides an increased turn speed. The battens have been reduced in size and are now uniform in length across the whole size range.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Uniform Pressure Design:
The strut diameters have been designed in conjunction with the leading edge diameter to ensure adequate stiffness throughout the kite. The struts and leading edge maintain a uniform pressure which gives the kite a rigid structure for maximum aerodynamic performance.

Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Molten Bladder Technology:
The new welding process has been tested up to a sweltering 100 degrees centigrade to make sure it will stand up to extreme conditions felt in all the world’s hottest kitesurf locations.
Flexifoil ION SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Improved Single-Point 'E-Z' Inflation:
All the struts and the leading edge are interconnected so you can inflate the kite through one single inflation valve, making your kite quick and easy to set up and ride. Attached to the leading edge are ‘inflate’ and ‘deflate’ valves making the kite easy to set up and pack down.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Bridle Lines and Toggles:
All Stormchaser kites come with colour-coded lines and toggles to ensure you set your kite up correctly. The ‘toggle and loop’ line connection system makes it impossible to make the mistake of connecting the front lines to the back toggles and vice versa.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Improved Air Clamps:
Rounded clips seal off the air between the leading edge and struts to ensure the entire kite won’t deflate in case of a puncture. It is also possible to deflate the leading edge while keeping your struts inflated for easy kite transportation. The connecting tubes in the ‘E-Z’ system have been covered with a neoprene sock which helps to protect them. The strut valves are manufactured with a softer material which achieves a better bond with the bladders.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Improved Reinforced Strut Ends:
Rugged strut ends made with an
anti-abrasive material help protect the struts when handling the kite. These enlarged strut tips also make for an easier bladder replacement process.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Wingtip Dump Valve:
Flexifoil were the first company to introduce this feature which makes it quick to deflate and roll up the kite after a session. Open the wingtip valve, main valves and air clamps and then roll up the kite from one end to the other. The air is expelled in one motion and leaves the kite ready to pack away.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Color Coded Flying Lines:
All Stormchaser kites are supplied with colour-coded lines and toggles to ensure that mistakes are not made during set up. The ‘toggle and loop’ system means that is near impossible to make a mistake of connecting your front lines to the back toggles or vice versa.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Velcro Valve Fastening:
Strong Velcro tabs keep the valves securely in place.
Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite


Flexifoil Storm Chaser : £629.95
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The Flexifoil Stormchaser is perfect for howling winds, blackened skies and crashing waves some people go home. Some people cower in their vans. Some people wait for lighter conditions, for calmer conditions. Others are brave. Fearless. They take out their pumps, set up their kites and pluck up their courage. For those amongst you, Flexifoil present, the Flexifoil Stormchaser.


For those who are about to ride, we salute you! Developed for precision flying in high winds, the Flexifoil Stormchaser is the newest addition to the Flexifoil kitesurf range. The Stormchaser takes high wind kite performance to breaking new levels, and with Flexifoil’s current construction standards, the Stormchaser guarantees the durability, quality and power that you need to rip on those high wind days and that only a Flexifoil kite can provide.


The Stormchaser has had every panel scrutinised to produce a shape as close as possible to the 3D CAD model and the design process has enveloped the manufacturing technologies to ensure capable, reliable production processes to guarantee quality you can trust.


With new reinforcement patch materials, a Leading Edge construction that has surpassed previous inflation test results by 40%, new Strut to Leading Edge joining techniques and new Canopy Construction giving the Stormchaser a more fluid, curved panel cut, Flexifoil are confident that the Flexifoil Stormchaser will deliver satisfaction to any level of rider.


Performance Features:


6 Strut Layout:

The centre of your kite is the most important area for power generation. The use of 6 struts keeps the central aerofoil top-surface clean to create power with maximum efficiency, all the more important for high wind conditions. This design also improves turning sections of the kite, helping to improve the feedback you get from the bar with a more direct feel - this direct feel enables you to instinctively feel how the kite is reacting and where it is in the sky. All this means you’ll not only be powered in high winds, but you’ll feel safe, secure and in control too. The extra support between Leading Edge and Trailing Edge keep the feedback from this kite alive and direct through the lines and to the bar.


Optimised Leading Edge Tube:

A stiff leading edge leads to increased structural stability whilst retaining aerodynamic efficiency, removing any sign of deformation in the kite canopy giving better gust control and a direct, solid feel. Fine tuning the Leading Edge proportions from the centre to the tips is a fine balance between rigidity, stability, relaunch, agility, upwind ability and weight.


Refined Aerofoil Shape:
With an optimised centre section, the Stormchaser has great upwind performance and a solid drive throughout the turn to produce the constant pull required for predictable, controlled and safe kite loops. A big part of the skill in designing a kite is knowing that when the 3D model has been translated into material patterns, cut using CNC fabric cutters, printed and assembled by skilled seamstresses, the kite is as close to the original 3D model as possible. This expertise only comes with experience!


Simplified Bridle System:
Minimal pulleys and bridles help maximise the direct feel of the Stormchaser and minimise the maintenance. A perfectly balanced bridle means the pulley hardly needs to move at all and multiple front and rear line connection points let you tune the kite to your particular style or simply learn about how these settings effect the characteristics of your kite!


Multiple Front & Rear Tow Point Connections:
Customisation to different riding styles is all the more important in high wind scenarios, to give you a kite you have the confidence in to ride hard and secure for a full session. With multiple tow point connections, the Stormchaser allows you to tune your kite in areas of turn speed, bar pressure, where the kite sits in the window and alter the levels of grunt, pop and upwind ability. Whatever your discipline and whatever your conditions, the Stormchaser will give you solid, maximum performance in high winds.


Anti-Flutter Trailing Edge Battens:

In higher winds, the opportunity for flight efficiency to be altered through fluttering in the canopy heightens. With its Anti-Flutter Trailing Edge Batons, the Stormchaser uses Dacron® reinforced structures sewn into the trailing edge to reduce drag, provide increased turning speed and maximise efficiency in high-winds.


Construction Features:


Rigid Strut Construction:

Flexifoil have developed a new strut to leading edge junction which is stronger and stiffer than ever before. Flexifoil have also improved the manufacturing controls to ensure improved accuracy.


EZ Single-Point Inflation:

As with all Flexifoil kitesurfing products, the EZ single-point inflation system increases the speed of kite setup getting you out on the water faster.


Wingtip Dump Valve:

Now with a dump valve on each wingtip and on the centre of the kite so you can roll either way or open all 3 for faster deflation!


Dacron Reinforcements:
The Stormchaser can generate a solid pull that is spread through carefully positioned reinforcements to the wingtips and down the lines to your bar, optimising strength and weight. The much copied Dacron cage keeps a strong frame that means if you are unlucky enough to damage your canopy, the repair should be simple and cost effective.


Dacron Reinforced 175 Leading Edge Tube:

Flexifoil have taken the Dacron® Leading Edge construction to new levels of strength and durability. The inflation test results have shown a 40% increase in the air pressure required to destroy the test samples and the endurance tests in the Sahara were passed with flying colours.


Wingtip Construction:

The Flexifoil Stormchaser wingtips give a more rigid structure so the kites less likely to deform whilst turning. As the kite holds its shape better you get a more direct and extremely responsive feel. We have also fitted the wingtip with a small webbing strap that prevents the flying lines from getting caught around it.


Standard Flexifoil Features:


TEIJIN T9600 Technology:
Flexifoil just won’t compromise on materials and use what they believe to be the best. Teijin T9600 still proves to have the best coating and longevity with excellent UV resistance. Dimensions Polyant Dacron® provides the best combination of fabric stability and stiffness for our Leading Edges whilst a new Kevlar-neoprene reinforcement patch material over every Leading Edge circumferential seam will protect against the harshest beach environments.


110 Micron TPU Bladders:
Flexifoil is proud to use 110 micron TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) bladders (as opposed to the standard 90 micron) giving peace of mind of having a more puncture resistant and durable bladder in your Stormchaser.


Solid and Stiff Wingtip Construction:

With the kite holding its shape better you get a much more direct and responsive feel. You will also benefit from the wingtips being fitted with a small webbing strap that prevents the flying lines from getting caught around them.


Molten Bladder Technology:
The new welding process has been tested up to a sweltering 100 degrees centigrade to make sure it will stand up to extreme conditions felt in all the world’s hottest kitesurf locations.


Riding Characteristics:


Variable Power Setup:

Attaching the front toggles to different points on the wingtips changes the performance of the kite to suit different riding styles. Use tow point ‘2.Lo’ to give the kite more grunt in low winds or for wake style riding and heaver riders. Use the front tow ‘1.Hi’ for more depower making it suitable for wave riding, general cruising and high winds.



The Flexifoil Stormchaser is designed to get smooth jumps and loads of float with gentle, controlled lift plus its nice and easy to feel where the kite is when coming in to land. The bar position on the centre line makes a massive difference in the height of the jump. In strong winds all you need to do is send the kite and pull the bar towards you and you take off – big airs are effortless.

Unhooked Riding:

Both setups are good for unhooked riding, with the freeride setup giving a more pivoted turn, so it’s easy to get the kite in the right place when smacking the lip and riding down the line.


The freestyle mode delivers loads of grunt and a good, precise driving turn. Both setups can be flown unhooked with tight rear lines so that it’s easy to feel where the kite is and steer it one handed without any back-stall in the kite.



The kite is really stable even in gusty winds and when the kite is depowered it remains rock-solid in the sky. There is always a smooth feedback to the bar from the kite, making it great for progressing and learning new tricks.


The kite is really stable even in gusty winds and when the kite is depowered it remains rock-solid in the sky. There is always a smooth feedback to the bar from the kite, making it great for progressing and learning new tricks.


The Flexifoil Stormchaser excels in gusty conditions as the kite remains stable making it great for flying sites that can have turbulent conditions.



The Flexifoil Sormchaser has been designed to make your life easy and your kite flying fun!

The package includes: easy and quick single point inflation (rig-up in no time), freestyle and freeride bridle diagrams printed on the bag for easy beach reference, and a freeride to freestyle conversion process that you can do in literally a few minutes.

All attachments to the kite are simple larkshead knot - colour-coded and labeled - so it’s hard to get it wrong.


Flexifoil Stormchaser (All-In-One) Control Bar system
The Flexfoil Stormchaser Bar is simple, effective and comfortable. You can trim the kite with ease whilst riding. The Bar pressure give great feedback without being too heavy on your arms making for a comfortable session.


The centre line and leader lines are all easily adjustable, meaning no matter your size you’ll be able to set the bar up to suit. A number of parts of the bar are also upgradable meaning that as your ability grows you can customise the bar to suit.


Flexifoil Stormchaser Control Bar


There are two possible relaunching scenarios on the Flexifoil Stormchaser, and in both cases it’s very simple and easy to get going again ...

1) The kite has landed at the edge of the window as a result of using the safety system or letting go of the bar. In this case, steer the kite off the water.

2) The kite has landed in the centre of the window (on its front) as a result of steering the kite in to the water. To relaunch simply swim towards the kite to roll it on its back, steer to the edge of the window and then steer off the water. This relaunch technique is the same as a conventional ‘C’ shape kite.


Wave riding (Tunable)
The Flexifoil Stormchaser won’t pull you off the wave and the improved profile makes it very difficult to stall. It drives through the turn keeping you powered and ahead of the whitewater.

Bar pressure (Tunable)

The bar pressure is nicely balanced to give good feedback without being too heavy on the arms.

Bar system (Tunable)
Simple, effective and comfortable. The control bar and depower system will allow you to trim the kite easily whilst riding - allowing you to concentrate on your kiting without any distractions.


A Flexifoil Stormchaser when purchased with 4-Line control bar comes complete with:


  • Flexifoil Stormchaser Kite
  • Flexifoil 4-line set (fully colour-coded pre-stretched lines -20m + 2.5m extensions - 250kg / 250kg)
  • Flexifoil Stormchaser ‘all-in-one’ bar
  • Flexifoil Pump
  • Flexifoil Repair Kit
  • All the usual stuff including full comprehensive instructions in English, French, German and Spanish.
Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Kiteboarding Progression Beginner DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly water relaunchable kites using the Kiteboarding Progression DVD - click for info >>


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Flexifoil Stormchaser Water Relaunchable
Flexifoil Stormchaser - 5.5m
5.5m - Kite Only
- £629.95
5.5m - Complete
- £829.95


Skill Level
Int / Exp


Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>

Control Bar

Flexifoil Stormchaser ("All-In-One") Control Bar:

The Flexifoil Stormchaser ("All-In-One") control bar has designed to be easy to use for any level of rider, to have great durability and full adjustability meaning that as your riding style progresses you can adapt the setup on the bar. The bar is available with a full range of accessories so that you can customize the bar to suit your riding style as your kitesurfing skills progress.


Flexifoil Stormchaser SLE LEI BOW Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Design process
Flexifoil use an integrated approach to the design of the kite and bar and strive to keep the number of moving parts to a minimum whilst still retaining complete functionality.

Proven single release system
The simplest yet most effective safety release system on the market. The primary release cover is always where you would expect to find it – just above your chicken loop. This means that it is quick and easy to find and activate. The simple reconnection process is intuitive, possible to do under the water and - with experience - with only one hand!


As well as working with the Flexifoil Stormchaser, the cotnrol bar is compatible with all our legacy hybrid-style water kites as well as future hybrid kites. You can have peace of mind knowing that your bar will work with past, present and future hybrid Flexifoil kites as well as many other brands.


Control Bar Ergonomics

The grip on the bar is soft and easy on the hands, so that even in cold weather your bar is far more comfortable and will not make your hands sore - even after prolonged use. Ergonomic bar ends provide a solid connection point at the end of the bar to improve the overall feedback from the kite whilst turning. The soft over-moulding protects your hands when kite looping and enables easy line storage on the bar.


Easy adjustability of centre line length
People of all shapes and sizes fly Flexifoil kites. The bar is fitted with a simple system enabling you to adjust the length of your centre line. Flexifoil have clearly labeled the centre line and on the leader lines, enabling you to know exactly where you need to attach your lines when altering the centre line length.


Centre Line Wear Indicator
The centre line has a red-coloured secondary internal line which indicates the amount of wear. When the outer Dyneema® line fails due to wear the inner red line becomes visible. This internal line has enough strength to enable you to comfortably make it back to the beach even if you are a long way out.


Centre line durability
Through prolonged use, all centre lines wear. Flexifoil have worked hard to make sure that our centerline is one of the best available on the market. Flexifoil use heavy-duty 5.6mm, 12 strand, Dyneema® line which is wax coated to improve durability and resilience.


The Flexifoil Stormchaser control bar is fitted with the Flexifoil V-Core - the angled hole in the bar through which the centre line runs. This vastly reduces centre line wear and helps to lighten the turn. The V-Core also allows you to turn and sheet-in at the same time.

Wind Range

Skill Level
Int / Exp

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