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Flexifoil Kiteboarding Axis 5-Line Depower Control Bar >>
Nobile Kiteboarding 4-Line Control Bar


Flexifoil Kiteboarding 08 5-Line Axis Depower Control Bar: £164.95
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Flexifoil's focus when designing the Axis Control Bar was functionality, ease of use and safety, and it delivers on all of these.


It has many rider adjustable features and it can be customised to provide any rider with their own personal set up. The Axis is the only bar you will ever need.


It has been designed to bring the best out of your kite.


Key points:

  • Adjustable on-the-fly-5th line
  • Fully Spinning 5th line
  • Single Action Safety Release
  • Pull-pull Depower Strap
  • Adjustable Line Lengths
  • Super Bar Grip
  • Adjustable Centre Depower Line
  • 20m+5m line configuration

For use with most 5-Line SLE Kiteboarding Kites.


Comes complete with 20m+5m Flying Lines.

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Flexifoil Kiteboarding 5-Line Axis Control Bar with Flying Lines
Flexifoil Kiteboarding Axis 5-Line Control Bar with Flying Lines


- £164.95


Flexifoil Kiteboarding Axis 5-Line Carbon Control Bar:


Adjustable on-the-fly 5-Line:
Enables the 5th line to be adjusted while riding to massively increase the wind range.


The ‘on the fly’ adjustable 5th line allows you to alter the performance of your kite when on the water. The 5th line can be tightened by pulling on the 5th line leash which creates a more depowered kite. This is great for wave riding and makes it easier to handle strong winds and walk up the beach with your kite overhead.


The tension in the 5th line can be maintained by locking it into a mini cleat mounted on the back of the pull pull depower strap.


This system means that the 5th line operates independently of the depower strap making it easier to understand and set up the way you want to ride. You have ultimate flexibility.

Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Fully Spinning 5th Line:

Custom Flexifoil hollow swivel automatically unspins front and 5th lines after rotation.


The fully spinning 5th line system will automatically un-spin the front lines and 5th line after you have done a rotation.


This allows you to do as many rotations as you want without affecting the performance and reliability of the system, leaving you to concentrate on your riding.


The heart of this spinning system is a special Flexifoil designed hollow swivel mounted on the top of the depower strap. The 5th line runs through the hollow part of this swivel allowing the front lines to freely rotate around the 5th line. The swivel is made from marine grade stainless steel for rust free kiting!


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Single Action Release:
Simple to activate and easy to reattach, even when on the water.


The single action push away release system is simple to activate and easy to reattach even when on the water. It’s a real re-ride system. Use, reattach and go.


This is a very simple, effective and reliable primary release system which detaches the chicken loop from the centre line, leaving the chicken loop attached to the riders harness.


This eliminates the chance of any parts catching in the spreader hook during a release.


The geometry and design of the webbing flap and release cover keeps the release force low (5kg – 10kg) even when under high loads from the kite.


This gives you the confidence to operate the release in any wind conditions.


The plastic clips moulded into the red release cover lock around the square stainless steel ring on the centre line when in the assembled position. This means that even if there is no load from the kite there is still a 2kg force is required to activate the release system.


This helps stop accidental releases. Unlike most other release systems the connection between the chicken loop and the centre line is stiff making the chicken loop much easier to find when trying to hook-in in a hurry.


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Pull-Pull Depower Strap :
Pull red to depower the kite, pull blue to power up. It’s as simple as that.


The pull-pull depower strap is used to adjust the length of the front lines relative to the rear lines which changes the power of the kite. The strap uses a pull-pull system which makes it easy to make small adjustments.


Pull the red handle to shorten the depower strap which depowers the kite and pull the blue handle to lengthen the depower strap which powers up the kite.


The strap is made from high quality nylon webbing which runs around a stainless steel square ring on the top of the centre line.


This makes it into a “2:1 system” that has the benefit of halving the load you need to apply to the adjuster handles and buckle, making it lighter and easier to adjust.


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Adjustable Line Length:
For the first time you can use your four or 5th line set up with either 20 or 25m lines.


The flying line set consists of 4 x 20m lines with 5m extensions and loop to loop attachments. You can use the lines in either 20m or 25m configuration and with the new 5th line system it is also possible to use the 5th line with 20m lines, for wave riding or low level kite loops.


Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Super Grip:
Maximum control and zero slip whilst riding. If we gave it any more grip you’d have to prise your fingers free.


The new Super Grip on the bar has been designed for maximum control and zero slip whist riding.


You simply won’t find a bar with this much grip. It’s perfect for handlepass manoeuvres or even cranking the bar to pull off maximum height in jumps or kite loops. This grip is like no other and you will feel the difference.


The grip is also colour coded so you won’t grab the wrong side of the bar after a handle-pass.

Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Adjustable Centre Depower Line:
Strong 12 strand Dyneema® with a durable wax coating, easily adjusted to suit different arm lengths and riding



The centre line is made from a top quality 12 strand dyneema rope which has a wax coating to significantly improve durability.


The centre line length can also be adjusted for riders of varying arm lengths and to suit different riding styles.

Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Flexifoil Bar Ends:
Solid inner sections for direct connection to the kite and soft outer coverings to protect your hands.


The new bar ends have solid inner sections which make a direct connection to the kite for precise control and soft outer coverings to protect your hands whilst performing kite loops and unhooked manoeuvres. Each bar end has an elastic loop to secure the flying lines in place with no tangles and ready to go for your next session.

Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

Chicken Loop:

The Chicken loop that comes as standard with the bar has been designed for the majority of riders and has a webbing chicken lock attached to keep the hook in place and it also has a place to attach your leash.

Flexifoil Axis 5-Line Control Bar

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