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Flexifoil Anarchist / Anarchist Pro Kite Board >>

Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Kiteboard


Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Kiteboard

Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Kiteboard


Stance Selector:

All boards in the Flexifoil range offer three stance width options (38, 42 and 46cm).

Your height will roughly dictate which stance setting you should use, although advanced riders may wish to experiment with the widest stance setting

Less than 5’6” (165 cm)
38 cm width

Between 5’6” - 6’ (165 - 180 cm)

42 cm width

Greater than 6’ (180 cm)
46 cm width

Flexifoil Stance Selector


Flexifoil Anarchist / Anarchist Pro Kitesurf Board: £478.99
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User Rating:


The Flexifoil Anarchist is designed for free riders and those who enjoy all aspects of kiting. The board has a very positive driving turn thanks to the fin position being set very in board. This makes it ideal for those looking for that Surfing feel.


The Anarchist is also very smooth in even the choppiest of conditions thanks to the flip tips. You’ll find it’ s also very quick to get up on the plane as it has a wide centre, allowing you to scream upwind. The Anarchist is all about going anywhere and trying everything. Never say Never. Anything is possible with this board.


The Flexifoil kiteboard range have been designed and constructed to deliver outstanding performance with the focus on comfort, ease of use and strength.

All the boards have three stance positions and a number of sizes options available meaning that no matter your ability, weight or height there is a board in the range that will be perfectly suited to your customers.


Flex Characteristics:
The Anarchist is available with a choice of flex characteristics. This allows you to choose the correct flex characteristics. Too often have we seen a good board become bad because the rider is either too big, or riding with too much power, changing the overall rocker line of the board and therefore its performance (inducing drag and losing pop).

We have also seen good lightweight riders riding on boards which are too stiff and therefore not offering the performance that it would do to a more powerful or heavier rider.

The Anarchist Pro is a stiffer and stronger version of the Anarchist, suitable for riders exceeding 75kgs or for those who like to ride powered.



Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Kiteboard



The Flexifoil Anarchist board excels as an all-round board. It’s suited for both freestyle and freeride; this is partly due to the carefully balanced length to width ratio, which has helped make the board of choice for many riders. Each board has been individually designed to ensure that you don’t have a board that requires lots of kite power all the time, or skips out in high winds. This board will enable you to take your riding up a gear.


Jumping ability:
The combination of the composite core and top-mould design helps to control the flex and provides the board with outstanding levels of pop. This makes wakestyle tricks and jumping easy, enjoyable and fun!


Forgiving profile and rocker line:
The forgiving nature of this board allows the rider to try new things and develop their skills on a progressive learning scale. The flexible tips help to eliminate nose diving on landings, whilst maintaining edge control at high speeds. The overall rocker and rail outline (coupled with the progressive flex in the board) makes the Flexifoil Anarchist range the most comfortable boards to ride in choppy water that Flexifoil have ever made.

High levels of performance:
The diverse potential of this board enables riders of all levels to push their abilities and performance in many new directions, ensuring that every rider makes the most from every session.

Who is this board designed for?:
Aimed at beginner / intermediate riders wanting a kiteboard for a wide range of conditions with the focus on comfort and ease of use.

What will it do?:
The Anarchist range of kiteboards are designed for riders who want a forgiving and easy to use board which can be used in a variety of conditions.

The straighter outline shape with wider tips makes the board track well in a straight line and provides a comfortable ride even in choppy conditions. There are two sizes in the range which have been optimised for riders of different weights.


Key Features:

  • Rounded shape for forgiving carves and wave riding
  • Flip tips to combat chop and nose-diving
  • Deep fins, close to riders feet for a positive driving curve, and surf like feeling in the waves
  • Soft flex to absorb bumpy conditions
  • Solid and stable mid-section for tracking upwind
  • More Comfortable and easier to ride with no loss of planing or upwind performance

Flexifoil Anarchist Size: 134cm x 40cm x 8.5mm

Flexifoil Anarchist Pro Size: 134cm x 40cm x 10.0mm


**Price include footstraps, footbeds and fins**

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Flexifoil Anarchist Kitesurf Kiteboarding Board 2008 08
Flexifoil Anarchist / Anarchist Pro Kitesurf Board
RRP: £499.95

Anarchist Pro:


Asylum Footpads

Flexifoil Asylum Footpads:
The All New Asylum footpads have been designed to be the most
supportive and comfortable bindings to hit the market to date.


The ergonomic 3D moulded footbed features thoracic and lumber supports as well as heel and toe ramps to give you that locked in feeling. The high grip footbed surface is used to help prevent your feet from slipping around.

The Straps fix directly to the footpad and not to the mounting hardware, which allows the footpads to be easily secured to the board, with an option of stance angles. The adjustable synthetic leather straps have a lace tightening system with a clip on the side of the strap to hold excess lace out of the way and the underbelly of the strap has a 10mm foam core wrapped in neoprene to make sure the top of your foot is as snug as the bottom.


Flexifoil Asylum Footpads Kiteboard


Key Features:

  • Unique 3D moulded foot bed with heel ramp, toe ramp, and arch support
  • High grip foot surface
  • Air bladder for heel support
  • Comforting, shock absorbing foam core
  • Adjustable stance angle
  • Effortless mounting system
  • Lace tightening system
  • Excess lace is secured out of the way to the side of the strap
  • Thick, soft neoprene covered foam strap belly for comfort


Polonia Core Construction:
Flexifoil have chosen to use a Polonia wood core for performance and durability reasons This wood is very light, extremely stable and will not shrink or absorb water when wet – meaning your board will last and last, even when damaged.

The wood has great response characteristics and good anti-shock properties. Secondly, Polonia is an environmentally sound choice as this wood grows rapidly and plantations can therefore be replenished easily.

The Polonia core is laid up as a vertical laminate so the wood takes all the stress forces and not the glue. This means we get to use the flex properties of the wood and not the flex properties of the glue.

Flexifoil boards use a bi-directional weave glass. This weave has been chosen to suit the board’s flex characteristics and to prevent adding unnecessary weight. The bi-directional Fiberglass has equal sized fibres running in both the warp and weft directions which gives the board a super tough shell.

Flexifoil Boards have a TPU (Thermo Polyurethane) graphic sheet. This material is resilient to impacts, abrasions, tears, weather, and even hydrocarbons - giving it long-lasting surface protection and unmatched optical clarity. This ensures that the boards don’t just look good but they stay looking good.

ABS Tips, Tails and Side Walls:

All Flexifoil boards feature an ABS Sidewall. This plastic is light and tough with fantastic shock absorption and impact-resistant properties. If you batter it, it won’t crack or split open like other plastics, it might just dent instead. It is a great plastic cushion for the wooden core as it absorbs the impact, protecting the Polonia core.

The ABS Sidewalls are profiled to suit the board’s use. The Sidewall has a different shape at the tips when compared to the centre, as the board reacts differently around this area. We also use an ABS plug to secure the fins in place as this keeps the woods enclosed and prevents any damage occurring to the wooden core.

CNC Milled Stainless Steel Inserts:
Our inserts are made from CNC’d milled Stainless steel. This means that the insert is made from one piece and is not welded together, providing a much stronger and safer insert.


Manufacturing and Quality Control:
Flexifoil have travelled the world looking for the best board manufacture. Flexifoil wanted a board manufacture who understood the sport, and took part. They also wanted a manufacture with years and years of board making experience.

All Flexifoil boards are now built under strict Swiss manufacturing standards -using European materials. Their boards are thoroughly checked and tested, to ensure they are nothing short of bombproof. Wooden cores are CNC’d (Computer Numerical Control) for incredible accuracy and ABS sidewalls are glued in place.

Although this is a more time consuming and expensive process than the stapling methods used by other manufacturers, the glue ensures consistent adhesion of the sidewalls to the whole edge of the board – giving a better quality and more securely finished product with longevity and added impact resistance.

Stance Position:
All boards in the range offer three stance width options (38, 42 and 46cm). Whilst testing with a variety of riders Flexifoil found that stance position made a significant difference to the feel of the board.

Feedback from their professional rider team led to the inclusion of the wide stance option which helps them to land powered moves with more consistency giving an edge in competitions.

The wide stance puts your feet closer to the fins and board tips which enables more controllable powered carving, great for freeride sessions.

The 42cm stance is optimum for most riders as it is a solid stance width and creates more flexible tips making the board more forgiving and landings easier. The 38cm stance is perfect for smaller riders.

Outline Shape:

Testing showed us that the outline shape of the board makes a massive difference to how the board behaves. We found that by adjusting the curvature of the board outline, you can control a number of different aspects of the board. The outline shapes of our board range have each been carefully designed to so that every size and model delivers outstanding performance.

Concave Style :
The concave shape helps to stiffen the board in the centre section, providing progressively more flex towards the tips. This means that the board edges well in strong winds as it puts your feet closer to the fins and board tips. It also helps the board to plane easily in light wind conditions.
Flexifoil Board Cross Section

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