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Peter Lynn Competition Standard Freestyle Buggy >>

Peter Lynn Competition Freestyle Buggy


Peter Lynn Competition Buggy Characteristics / Features:

Geometry: Geometry and centre weight balanced for easy riding and cruising Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Stainless Steel Frame: Completely stainless steel frame and bolts for added durability and strength Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Front Fork: Double crown front fork for added durability and strength
Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Downtube Connection: 1-Bolt adjustable Downtube Connection
Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Curved Sideframes: Specially curved sideframes to ensure good side body grip Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Buggy Seat: Reinforced nylon seat with back padding to ensure a correct body position Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Back Axle: 34mm thick back axle with 12mm wheel bolts Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Buggy Bearings: Fitted with sealed cartridge style bearings, for an extra smooth ride Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Buggy Upgrades: Various upgrades available to make the buggy for your style of riding Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy
Buggy Tools: Delivered complete with tools for easy assembly Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy

Peter Lynn Competition Buggy: £319.99
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Availability: January 2016 - Pre Order Now

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The true multi-purpose buggy. Constructed with sturdy stainless steel tubing that will last a lifetime of brutal use.


User friendly because of it's huge range of accessories, adjustable seat for racing or freestyle allowing better centre of gravity as well as improved 360 spins or wheelies.


Balanced Buggy Geometry:

In designing any Peter Lynn Buggy, the design team ensure the correct geometry sizing to suit the specific needs the buggy is designed for. By using a carefully chosen wheel base, track, body position and head tube angle, the buggy is given certain characteristics aimed at improving stability, manoeuvrability, rider comfort and side pull balance.


Design Simplicity:

As the buggy needs to withstand a great amount of use, it is important to keep the overall design relatively simple. Simplicity not in terms of design and performance, but in the sense of limiting the number of separate parts to the minimum required for optimal user friendliness and handling. Peter Lynn buggies are designed with simplicity in mind, without giving in on rigidty and performance.


Advanced Construction Techniques:

Peter Lynn Buggies are constructed using high quality welds and advanced construction methods. The combination of well chosen materials, material thickness and connection methods results in the buggies being extremely strong and durable. Connections between the frame-parts that can be disassembled are designed for optimal strength and durability.


High Quality Materials:

As a buggy is used in a wet and salty environment it is important to apply materials which are resistant to corrosion. Therefore all buggy frame parts as well as the hardware are made from stainless steel. The bearings are cartridge style to ensure durability. All hardware parts can be easily replaced if needed. The rims are made of high quality PVC plastics and the tires are made of extra durable rubber compound.


Ergonomically Designed Seat:

Peter Lynn Buggies features a well designed seat. Using ergonomics the seat ensures a comfortable body position and in combination with the ergonomically designed side-frame, it offers excellent side-pull resistance, even when riding for a longer period of time. The padding in the seat gives you a good support and will help to prevent injuries.


Quick Assembly:

Peter Lynn Buggies are designed in such a way that they can be assembled quickly and stored easily as a relatively small package. Without making any compromises in strength - Peter Lynn Buggies feature a minimum of bolt connections for a quick and easy assembly.


Peter Lynn Competition Standard Buggy Features:

  • Frame Material - Stainless Steel
  • Seat Type - Standard Nylon Seat
  • Standard Wheel - 4.8 / 4.00-8 (16")
  • Frame Parts - 5
  • Assembling Time - 9 mins
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Peter Lynn Competition Buggy
Competition Buggy Standard

RRP: £399.99

Quantity: at 319.99



Frame Weight (kg)

Total Buggy Weight (kg)

Wheel Diameter (cm)

Axle Length (cm)

Competition Buggy






Peter Lynn Competition Buggy Dimensions:
Wheel Base
Front Fork Width
Front Fork Tube Diameter
Footpeg Diameter
Footpeg Length
Footpeg Ground Clearance
Downtube Length
Downtube Thickness
Sideframe Length
Sideframe Diameter
Distance Between Sideframes
Seat Length
Seat Height
Seat Ground Clearance
Back Axle Width
Back Axle Diameter


Peter Lynn Competition Buggy Bolts, Nuts, Spacers + Bearings Used:
Front Axle Bolt
M12 x 130
Front Axle Nut
Front Axle Spacers
12 x 19
Front Wheel Bearings
12 x 32
Front Wheel Spacer
12 x 55
Headset Bolt
M8 x 100
Headset Nut
Headset Spacer
Headset Bearings
12 x 32
Downtube Bolt
M8 x 50
Downtube Nut
Rear Wheel Bolts
M12 x 100
Rear Wheel Bearings
12 x 32
Rear Wheel Spacer
12 x 55


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Peter Lynn Wide Rear AxleThe Peter Lynn Wide Rear Axle is the ultimate accessory for high-speed buggying. It introduces greatly increased stability, by bringing your centre of effort and centre of gravity forwards in relation to the wheelbase it vastly improves upwind performance.

Competition Axle 140cm - 40Ø - 12mm Thread - Racing, Stability

For more information on this accessory - click here >>


Peter Lynn Buggy SplashguardThe Peter Lynn Buggy Splashguard protects from loose gravel and water spray from the front wheel.

Designed to use for all Peter Lynn Buggies. Fits onto the head tube and is attached to two clips on the seat.

For more information on this accessory - click here >>


Flexifoil Extra Wide Buggy WheelsThe Peter Lynn Extra Wide Wheels - supplied with Vredestein tyres and tubes come complete with ball bearings for 12mm or 15mm Bolts.

Great in soft sand, speed runs and popping wheelies.

  • Tyre Size: 16 / 6.50-8"

For more information on this accessory - click here >>


Flexifoil Buggy SplashguardThe Peter Lynn Competition Buggy Seat has been upgraded from simple webbing to a fully adjustable version of strong, coated fabric and is equipped with a padded lower back rest.

The riding position can now be adjusted for optimum comfort (fully back) or for free-style (fully forward). The 'free-style' buggier needs the centre of gravity nicely balanced in the middle of the buggy, this improves 360 spins or 'popping a wheelie'.

For more information on this accessory - click here >>



Peter Lynn Kiteboarding  SparesPeter Lynn Competition Buggy Spares:

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Great introductory buggy! Nigel Clements

This is a really good introductory buggy for anyone starting out and want to get into this sport without spending too much money!

It has good build quality and setting up was fairly quick and easy to disassemble.

I would consider this buggy to be suitable for people wanting to get into the sport, have a family that want to use it, or want a buggy to just cruise around in.


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