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Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD

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At last, a land-based Power Kiting DVD! The POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE will take you from basics to advanced aerial manoeuvres.

No matter what type of kite you use or what type of buggy or board you ride, the POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE will take you through each manoeuvre step-by-step, highlighting key points, common mistakes and guidelines on what type of equipment may be best for you!

From explaining the wind window to pulling off your first kiteloop, the POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE is packed with over 2.5 hours of tutorials designed to help you with manoeuvres you are currently working on.

With additional tricks, hints and updates available free to download from its own dedicated website, you should never be left behind on the latest manoeuvres! The POWER KITING HOW-TO GUIDE is the only DVD you need!

Complete with subtitles, narration and music options, this DVD will give you the opportunity to study and learn the techniques at your own pace.


Endorsed by the British Power Kitesports Association (BPKA).


Sections Include:


KITES: 2-Line Control, 4-Line Handles, 4-Line Control Bar, Depower, Setting Up, Assisted Launch, Launching, Steering, Safety Systems, Landing, Assisted Landing, Packing Away.



BUGGIES: Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind, Upwind, Reverse, 2-wheel manoeuvres, Flatland 180’s, 360’s, 720’s, Transitions, Ramp Jumps, Aerials, Sidewinders, Rotational Aerials, Kitelooping.



LANDBOARDS: Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Transitions, Toeside Riding, Carving, Jumps, Grabs, Rotations, Riding Blind, Manuals, Pop-Shovits, Pop-Throwits, Foot-Outs, Board-Offs, Foot-Out Back Pass, Ramps/Sliders, Kitelooping, Handlepasses.



BUGGY BIKE: Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind Turn, Slide.


INLINE BOARDING: Getting Started, Moving, Stopping, Downwind Turn, Carving, Toeside, Jumps.



Available only on DVD. PAL Format. Region 0 (Plays in all Regions)

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Power Kiting Buggy Landboarding DVD Video Instructional Training Video How-To Guide Kiteboarding Flysurf

Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD



I rate this DVD and can’t stress enough how good it is! Craig Wightman


From the very first video clip in this DVD, I knew that it was going to be great quality. I say that because the layouts are awesome, there’s high quality video clips all the way through, the sound tracks are very fitting, the narration is top notch and thorough and the kiting content is excellent.


The phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ isn’t correct for this DVD, judge it instantly as awesome. The front cover looks great, the back cover explains exactly what the DVD has on it perfectly, and the DVD is even better.


Kites: This section first of all is on both discs! This saves time and frustration swapping disc over if you are trying to study, bugging, boarding etc on one disc and the kite section is on the other. Which personally I think is a great idea.


This section is split up into 4 sub sections. 2 line kites, 4 Line kites with handles, 4 line with control bars and de-powerable kites. All four sections are to the point quickly and precisely, they’ve realised we all want to be out there flying and not watching the boring parts for hours isn’t going to allow us to do that. It explains all the key areas for beginners starting from the ‘Larks Head’ Knot all the way through to securing the kite and packing everything away neatly and quickly.


All safety features of the styles of kites are explained in this section as well as reverse launching. Which is of the up most importance in kiting, as safety should always be put first.


The DVD shows you what things can go wrong and examples of them are shown to prove this.


Buggies: First of all I have never been on a buggy, but I am currently in the progress of building one so I paid attention to this part of the DVD especially. At the start of this section as well as the other sections, it reminds you to make sure you have the kite flying techniques dialled before even trying to buggy, and it also recommends you watch the kite section again to make sure you are competent. It explains everything really well and as an absolute beginner to buggying I now have a firm grasp of what I should be doing when I get out there on mine when its finished. As it also remind you in every section, is to ‘Watch this section over and over again for best results’ which is absolutely correct, I have done that with the boarding section and I have already noticed a difference. Not only does this DVD cover all the basics it also shows you how to progress onto big jumps, 720’s and loads of aerial and ground moves, so when you have mastered the basics you don’t have to go out and buy the next DVD up.


On this note with this DVD you get to access a webpage where you can download up dated tricks and skill for free, so if you see your favourite star doing a new trick that isn’t on the DVD then if you keep checking the updates it may just be on there for you to follow!

Landboards: I have been landboarding for maybe 6 months now and have not been able to use my big de-powerable foil with the board yet only my 3m fixed bridal, which I rarely have enough wind to fly with in the current season. But now I can and with a bit more practise I will be able to, as I now know exactly what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. For me this DVD has already paid for itself by allowing me to do that. This section covers basics as well as advanced tricks and riding like the buggying section. All these tricks and riding techniques are covered expertly and enlightens the rider how to get over points of difficulty they have come across.
Remember this DVD doesn’t make up for professional tuition but by watching it you can master the basics and maybe some of the tricks before taking a lesson, hence saving money and also getting more out of a lesson.


The content of this awesome, everything’s explained and its helped my already!


Buggy Bikes: This looks fun and the buggy I am making will have bits made to turn it into one. Mainly because of the DVD. It’s a very similar layout to all the other sections and tells you everything you need to know to get moving. I’ll certainly be watching it again but I only wanted a quick run through to see what it was all about but I got hooked and watched the whole lot! Professionally explained and like all the sections the video is top notch.


Inline Boarding: Yet again, never seen this in real life or even thought about having a go before now! But yet it looks so tempting and given half a chance I would hopefully be able to first time if I study hard! From basics to advance moves yet again, any budding Inline Boarder will benefit from watching this DVD!


I rate this DVD and can’t stress enough how good it is! I would recommend it to every learner and anyone else who wants to master new tricks or even just the basics! £19.95 is a bargain!



It's got me hooked! Russell Benningwood This DVD has got me hooked. As a newbie to the sport I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at what I would be getting into and at least have an idea about how to go about getting started.


I watched the whole DVD and now have a clear idea about what I would like to buy in the future. The Ground to Air DVD just reaffirmed that this was the sport for me and it leaves you wanting more.


Thanks to the DVD I have just purchased my first power kite and look forward to getting more and more involved in the sport. Thanks Powerkiteshop!


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Power Kiting How-To DVD

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