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Peter Lynn Charger II (2) 2013 Depower Kiteboarding Kite >>

Peter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding Kite

Peter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding KitePeter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding Kite

Complete Ready to Fly Version comes with:

Peter Lynn ChargerII Kite Storage Bag:

Waterproof canvas and tough construction with expandable backpack.

Peter Lynn Charger Rucksack Bag

Peter Lynn Charger II Kite:
State of the art performance Charger kite from Peter Lynn.

Peter Lynn Charger Kite

Peter Lynn TS (Twinskin) Control Bar:
Designed to be as simple as possible and for any style of riding, whether it's unhooked, hooked in, or a combination of the two the TS Navigator control bar you will find maximum comfort and safety.

Peter Lynn TS Navigator  Control Bar

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Peter Lynn Dyneema Flying Lines

Compact Sticks :
For easy transportation and storage.

Peter Lynn Compact Sticks

Peter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding Kite


Peter Lynn Charger Setting Up Your Kite:


Peter Lynn Charger Launching and Landing Your Kite:


Peter Lynn Charger Tuning Your Kite:


Peter Lynn Charger Relaunching, Packing and Maintenance:


Peter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding Kite


Peter Lynn Charger II : £599.00 - £1059.00
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Availability: 2-3 Days

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The Peter Lynn Charger II is the new high performance Twinskin kite from Peter Lynn Kiteboarding for all-terrain!


The Peter Lynn Charger II performs excellent on water, snow and sand alike making it the perfect crossover kite to get your kicks out of any sport you practice all-year round.


The Peter Lynn Charger II (2) flies faster, turns tighter and jumps higher than any other Twinskin kite and has a slightly more aggressive flying behaviour compared to previous Twinskin designs.


New improvements on the Charger II also include improved ground handling, together with an improved Auto-Zenith and improved windrange,


The new Charger II also includes a simplified VPC system allows you to easily switch from freestyle to waveriding settings in mere seconds.

The Peter Lynn Charger is designed for both freestyle and big air kiters who want a kite that can do it all!


  • Huge Jumps
  • Fully Powered Kiteloops
  • Handle Passes
  • Wave Riding


The Peter Lynn Charger II will give you the extra performance to push your limits!


Flying characteristics:


Good Power and Wind Range
The good low end performance allows you to ride a smaller kite in a much lighter wind speeds without compromising the top end that Twinskin kites are renowned for! The Charger really starts to shine in higher winds, in fact, more wind actually makes it more stable. Higher winds are often punchy, this is where the flexibilty of Twinskins really kicks in, because Twinskins are not rigid shaped like LEI kites and Twinskins can absorb gusts without the rider feeling these gusts on the bar, making for a comfortable ride even in uncomfortable conditions.


Fast Flying and Turning Speed
Enjoy a fast flying kite while jumping, wave riding and kitelooping! The new profile shape and tip design makes the Peter Lynn Charger turn fast and easy with a comfortable bar pressure.

Exceptional Low End Performance
Using the latest design techniques and VPC system, the Peter Lynn Charger has more low end power than any Twinskin ever made.


Unique and unparalled Auto Zenith
When you let go of the bar with your depower loop hooked in, the kite automatically flies to the zenith. Entry-level riders as well as experts will enjoy this feature and help them to move to their next level of kiting. The stability is also enhanced by a perfectly balanced weight distribution which is tested in both specially designed real life and simulated test set-ups.


Improved VPC Wingtip Trim
The new and improved VPC-system allows you to set the kite to your own preference in power build-up, depower range and feel on the bar while riding.


Responsive and Easy Control
The Peter Lynn Charger turns quicker and smoother than any Twinskin you have flown before! The kite invites you to do kiteloops and go big!


Clean Airflow
Compared to tube kites, Twinskins have a much cleaner airflow around the wing. Both the topskin and the bottomskin are shaped for maximum performance and stability. The airflow around the Twinskin flies smoothly over the top and lower skin without distorting and/or creating turbulence, in comparison, the airflow on a tube kite goes smooth over the topskin but gets heavily distorted by the leading edge on the bottom skin. This distorted airflow has a negative effect on the performance of the tubekite. These airflow characteristics were studied and are the foundation on which the unique Twinskin shape was designed around.


Amazing Lift and Long Float
The special design of the profile gives you a fast flying kite with good lift for extremely high jumps. The long float ensures longer airtimes and offers you softer landings.


Unmatched Stability
Even in gusty inland conditions, the Peter Lynn Charger is extremely stable and is virtually impossible for the kite to luff!




Incomparable robust construction
By using high quality materials, the latest construction techniques and by applying special reinforcements, the Peter Lynn Charger is even more bomb-proof than previous Twinskins.


Ultra Light 30D Chikara high tenacity Fabric:
Optimized fabric usage for the best weight and strength ratio that lasts.

The top and bottom skin are made of 30D Ultra light and super strong, high tenacity Chikara fabric. For all internal ribs Peter Lynn have chosen to use strong but ultra light 70D fabric. The Charger is made out of a combination of the best fabrics giving the Charger the best weight to strength ratio.


Patented Concave Leading Edge:
The concave shape ensures an highly efficient airflow and distributes the load and stress across the complete wing which increases the amount of depower. The Leading Edge is designed in such a way that not every single cell has a separate stitch, ensuring less drag and more strength.


Balanced panel-shape and cell spacing:
The panel shape and cell spacing is optimized to give high flying speed and smooth performance across the whole kite range. The cell spacing for each size Charger II has been relatively decreased as the kite size increases, to make sure the larger kites fly faster and the smaller kites remain incredible stable to handle strong gusty winds.


Optimised ‘single pulley’ VPC System:
For increased turning speed and performance the Charger is delivered as standard with the VPC (Variable Power Control) system. For further tuning to your personal preference the package also contains separate pigtails for a direct connection, enabling you to tune the kite to a park & ride character.


Special Reinforcement Patches
On the tips as well as on the inside of the kite to ensure maximum durability and smooth skin shape.


Kook-proof Line Connections:
To prevent wrong attachment of the top and rear lines to the kite.


Steering Adjusters:
The straps inside the tips can easily be tightened or loosened to increase turning speed and flying speed to suit your personal riding style.


Central Flight Adjuster:
Allowing you to adjust the ‘feel and power’ of the kite. The centre strap helps you set the power and flying behaviour to your personal liking. Adjust the kite to your style rather than your style to the kite.


Dual Inflation Zippers (left & right):
For quick and easy pre-inflation. The two high volume inflation zippers allow you to pre-inflate your kite with very little effort. Simply open up the zippers and they stay open to fill up the kite while you are setting up your lines.


Launch Assistant Tag: Velcro tabs to ensure trouble-free self launching.


Twinskin Technology:
The Peter Lynn Charger is a Peter Lynn Twinskin kite. The kite consists of two layers of fabric with a set of profiles in between.


When the kite crashes on the water, the taped seams as well as the valves behind the air inlets prevent the air escaping from the kite as well as any water getting in, for a quick and easy re-launch.


Some of the great advantages of this style of kite are:


Very clean airflow around the wing, both the top skin and the bottom skin are shaped for maximum performance and lift. No bladders or tubes that can burst, the kite is more resistant to wear & tear.

Even weight distribution as the complete kite is made of the same material. This makes the kite incredibly stable. No heavy leading edge causing the kite to luff. Ideal for practicing new tricks.

Easy and cheap repairs as the material is all solid Chikara Ripstop Nylon.


Water Relaunching:

Because of the extreme stability, a twin-skin from Peter Lynn is unlikely to ever hit the water in the first place.

However if it does, the waterproof taped and reinforced seams and the incorporated silicon valve design behind the air intakes along the kite's leading edge trap the air inside the kite, and make it very hard for water to get in.

The large volume of air keeps the whole kite floating on top of the water, so there is nothing stopping the kite from taking off. With very little practice, water re-launching a Peter Lynn Twin-Skin is very simple, quick, and easy to do.


Many riders who are already flying Twin-Skin kites claim many months on the water without ever dropping it into the water, some even claim they have never had to do one.


Spend more time in the air and less time relaunching on the water. Get yourself a Peter Lynn Charger today and discover the new world of kite boarding all over again.


Package / Accessories:


The Peter Lynn Charger II is available as kite only or complete (with bar and lines).


The Peter Lynn Charger II Complete version comes with the following:


  • Peter Lynn Charger II Kite
  • Peter Lynn Charger II expandable backpack
  • Peter Lynn Charger II compact sticks
  • Peter Lynn Charger II sand and snow bag
  • Full color Peter Lynn instruction manual
  • Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Sticker
  • Peter Lynn 4-line TS Control bar with 20m or 23m lines with 3m extensions

Peter Lynn Charger II Promo:



Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly depowerable kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>



Wingspan (sq m)

Projected Area (sqm)

Flat Surface Area (sq m)

Aspect Ratio

Centre Chord

Stick Length



























































Peter Lynn Charger II Wind Range for use on Water:
Peter Lynn Charger Wind Range


Peter Lynn Charger II Wind Range for use on Land:
Peter Lynn Charger Wind Range


Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>

You can purchase spares for this item here >>

Depower Control Bar

Peter Lynn TS (Twinskin) Control Bar:

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Peter Lynn TS Control Bar: The Peter Lynn TS Control Bar is the optimal bar design when it comes to safety and user comfort for kiteboarding, landboarding and snowkiting. The Centrix depower loop integrates a reliable working safety system, tangle free swivel and easy hooking in and out. The complete Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or tuning your bar to your personal liking.


One of the main objectives was to design an easy and comfortable to use bar with safety system that meets the latest standards. The complete bar should be clean and without much explanation a rider should intuitively know how to use it. It should be made for a large range of riders from waveriding to freestyle.


Apart from this, it has always been implied in Peter Lynn’s design philosophy to make a product which lasts and can be kept in a good condition without too much hassle and at little cost. The Navigator incorporates materials of a very high quality with long lasting construction methods. Any parts that may wear out in the long term can easily be replaced.

It is designed to be as simple as possible and for any style of riding, whether it's unhooked, hooked in, or a combination of the two, the Twinskin TS Control bar will find maximum comfort and safety.

Peter Lynn TS Control Bar Technology:

The TS Control Bar features a quick release on the depower loop and a quick release on the safety leash. The primary safety system is designed to meet the standards of safety release loads ensuring an easy release at all times.


The TS comes in three packages: small, medium and large. The package is a combination of a certain bar size with a certain length of the flying lines.

  • The TS control bar small package contains a 45-55cm bar with 20m lines and 3m extensions
  • The TS control bar medium package contains a 45-55cm bar with 23m lines and 3m extensions
  • The TS Control bar large package contains a 55-65cm bar with 23m lines and 3m extensions

The medium bar is the most allround setup, supplied as a standard bar with the Charger II 8m to 15m.

Th TS bar setup can be used with any size Charger kite and is the perfect bar to get if you want just one bar. By varying the bar size by changing the attachments on the endcaps and by using the extension set, you can adjust your bar to fly better on a smaller or larger kite.


If you prefer the best setup for the Charger 6.5m, the TS small is recommended. If you want to get the most out of the Charger 18m and above, the TS large is recommended.


Safety Handle: The release on the Centrix depower loop is a reliable and easy to use safety mechanism. With the simple pull of the release cuff, one side of the loop disconnects itself from the centre piece.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Dyneema Dual Power Line: The Dual depower line made from Dyneema ensures a safe and durable connection to your kite.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Free sliding stopper: The free sliding stopper helps you to quickly change the amount of throw of your bar. The stopper can be placed anywhere along the depower line and can be set to full locking or push through.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Safety Line: The red safety line keeps you connected to your kite after activating your safety system. The line runs through the bar and the center of the depower loop.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Coloured Floats: The floats help to keep your bar at the waters surface when relaunching your kite. The red-grey colour coding helps you to quickly see which side is left and right.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

V-Split on Top Lines: The V-split on the top lines, at about 10 metres from the bar, gives the kite a more rigid structure and increased depower while allowing a clean safety line setup.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Removeable Lock-In Pin: The Lock-In pin ensures your depower loop stays hooked in when if the tension comes off your top lines. It can be easily removed if desired for the dedicated unhooked rider.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Tangle-Free Swivel: The Swivel on the top section of the Centrix chickenloop allows you to untwist your lines with ease. Unlike many other models, your leash can remain attached to the safety line while spinning.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Safety Leash with Quick Release: The extra leash with stainless steel clip and quick release allow you to stay connected to the safety line at all times. Fitted with Dyneema the leash is extremely strong, to ensure a reliable connection to your kite!

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar
Peter Lynn Navigator Control System Design Elements:

Self Landing Handles: The Navigator is fitted with self landing handles attached to the rear lines, which you can grab if needed to land your kite with ease.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Dual bar size endcaps: The endcaps on the Navigator allow quick bar size adjustment to adapt your bar to kite size and weather conditions. The insides are soft on your hands, the outsides have plenty of space for winding your lines.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Colour coded EVA Foam Grip: The control bar is fitted with EVA foam to ensure a solid grip on the bar. The grip is colour coded, for easily recognizing which side is left or right when grabbing your bar.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Tapered Control Bar: The Navigator features a tapered carbon bar to ensure a lightweight but solid bar, for increased durability and direct steering control.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Aluminium Centre Hole: The smooth Aluminium centre piece allows easy bar movements and reduces wear of your lines. The Centrix depower loop fits nicely into the centre piece for easy hooking back in after an unhooked trick.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Clamcleat Power Adjuster: The Navigator is fitted with a Clamcleat power adjuster to easily set the power of your kite. The line and cleat are easy to replace after long term wear.

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar


Peter Lynn Charger Control Bar Main Features:


  • Tapered Control Bar for direct feel
  • Bungee Loops to secure your lines when storing your bar
  • Floaters to keep your bar floating at all times if you need to water relaunch your kite
  • Self Landing Handles allowing you to self launch and land your kite
  • Colour-coded Dyneema Leader Lines making a durable and reliable connection with your kite and giving a more direct feel when steering
  • Spinning Leash System enabling you to ride with a leash without even knowing it's there
  • Leash with spinning leash guide point just below the power adjusting strap preventing the leash to dangle or hook around your body or other parts of the bar
  • Pull-Pull Depower Strap enabling you to set the overall power of the kite by a simple pulling motion
  • Easy adjustment pigtails enabling you to set the difference in top and rear lines, allowing you to ride with slack or tight rear lines
  • Dyneema Depower Line for extra durability and a direct feel
  • Sliding stopper ball allowing you to quickly change the amount of throw of your bar
  • Primary quick release which can be activated easily by grabbing the release cuff, needing very little load to activate
  • Secondary quick release on the leash to completely disconnect yourself from the kite in case of emergency
  • Stiff Depower Loop making it extremely easy to hook back in after riding unhooked without needing to grab the loop with your hands
  • Removeable depower loop lock which can be removed for unhooked riding. When used it will ensure your depower loop staying hooked in when the tension is off the top lines

You can purchase spares for this item here >>


A performance inspiring kite for both new-comers and previous Twinskin users! Dan Eaton


Initial thoughts as soon as you get going on this kite is it feels like a Synergy - but it's only when you start turning and jumping the Charger that you realise you have something different! This is super quick!


Launching / Landing > Simply inflate, go to your control bar and tease the wingtip up. Really easy!


For landing, take the kite to the edge of the wind window and walk forward and watch the kite lie onto its back and behave itself! In stronger winds, an assisted launch / landing is always preferable.


Handling > For the initial testing - I connected the lines and control bar straight up to the VPC (Variable Power Control) system on the "factory setting". There are lots of options to alter bar pressure but straight out of the bag, this standard setting seemed to put me straight into my comfort zone and will give confidence into anyone who has flown Twinskin kites before.


One of the first things you are going to notice with the Peter Lynn Charger Twinskin kite is the amount of speed this kite produces in nearly no wind at all. This kite is quick! Keep you hands in the middle of the bar on the Charger unless you want to loop it!

As with all other Peter Lynn Twinskin style kites it never wants to overfly! No flying overhead, no luffing and no chance of a Hindenburg like some other kites do when the wind is light.


This kite just sits above you in the sky nice and well behaved allowing you to have a rest without having to land your kite and stake it out onto a wet beach.


Jumping > This is the one that surprised me the most! Good overall jumping but the surprise was the amount of hangtime.


This kite sends you quick on the way up but once you are airborne there is plenty of hangtime to judge your height and then perform your manoeuvre.


The VPC system really does depower the kite alot! Hold on for as long as you can, pull in the control bar and let the VPC system do its job!


Build Quality > Improvements on the Peter Lynn Charger include a foolproof inflate/deflate zippers enabling for quick setup and pack-down, personalised bar pressure can be obtained by adjusting the different VPC attachment points on the wingtips.


3-part wingtip lightwight alloy spars allow for a smaller kitebag rucksack allowing for easy transportation or alternatively if you wish to leave the spars assembled - the bag is improved and now comes with a zip-up section to enclose the kite.


There is also a steering adjuster inside the kite to personalise a more tighter/looser turn rate as well as lighter/heavier bar pressure. Launch assistant tags are also included for easy solo-launching.


Special reinforcement patches on the tips as well as on the inside of the kite also ensure maximum durability where it's most needed!


Overall > This is a confidence inspiring kite for both new-comers to the sport and previous Twinskin users. For those more experienced kitesurfers / landboarders who want a forgiving kite to fly but with the power ability and depower to possibly get away with just one kite for a majority of wind conditions - this is the one!


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Peter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding Kite

Peter Lynn Charger II
Rasta - Kite Only:
- £599.00
- £679.00
- £749.00
- £819.00
- £899.00
- £979.00
- £1059.00

Peter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding Kite

Peter Lynn Charger II
Ocean - Kite Only:
- £599.00
- £679.00
- £749.00
- £819.00
- £899.00
- £979.00
- £1059.00

Peter Lynn Charger II Kiteboarding Kite

Peter Lynn Charger II
Orange - Kite Only:
- £599.00
- £679.00
- £749.00
- £819.00
- £899.00
- £979.00
- £1059.00
Peter Lynn TS Kite Bar

Peter Lynn TS (Twinskin) Navigator Control Bar - Ready to Fly package - The Peter Lynn Charger II TS Control Bar features a quick release on the depower loop and a quick release on the safety leash.


The TS (Twinskin) control bar comes in three packages: small, medium and large. The package is a combination of a certain bar size with a certain length of the flying lines.


45cm / 55cm- 4-Line Control Bar with 20m lines + 3m Extensions: 239.00

45cm / 55cm- 4-Line Control Bar with 23m lines + 3m Extensions: 239.00

55cm / 65cm- 4-Line Control Bar with 23m lines + 3m Extensions: 239.00


Enter size and colour of kite above and then add quantity into ready to fly box. Ready to fly package can only be ordered in conjunction with purchasing kite.


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